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posted June 7, 2018


Sabre chargé, Crystal Cup and Ladies Day - 100 years of Polish Independence at Wroclaw Partynice

A fancy charge of 100 Polish Uhlans, the most exciting horse race of the season and ladies’ fashion day - Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse is hosting a big celebration event on 10th of June. The program includes very prestigious horse races, as well as many attractions, such as musical performance ...

posted May 9, 2018


,,Tiumen Prize", 4th racing day of this season approaches

Sunday, May 13, looks really exciting - after a month break, the horse fans and other residents of Wroclaw will have the opportunity to see riders and horses from all around the world in a very spectacular steeplechase. In the most important race, the participants will compete for Tiumen Prize - named ...

posted April 11, 2018 in category Living in Wroclaw


Season 2018 opening at Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse – our big event

7 races (international members), several dozen riders, flat and hurdle racing and the most spectacular steeplechase – the commencement of this year’s horse racing season at Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse on Sunday 15 April 2018 will be packed with entertainment. As the opening ceremony approaches ...

posted February 12, 2018


A flat or a room in Wroclaw in 2018 – what is worth learning before you start looking.

Rent market in Wroclaw has changed significantly in the last few years. New residential districts were developed both in the downtown, and in the suburbs. Not only the number of flats for rent increases, but also the number of potential tenants. And everyone is looking to find the most convenient location ...

posted January 9, 2018 in category Living in Wroclaw


1700 sq. m. of Lego blocks in Wrocław!

The largest Lego blocks exhibition in Poland is open up till 28 January 2018. In Stadion Wrocław stadium you can see the breathtaking constructions: planes, micro scale of the famous landmarks, sports champions, and many more. All that awaits children and adults - all in all, the most popular blocks ...

posted November 28, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


Christmas is coming soon!

Mulled wine, the sweet smell of gingerbread and 100 ideas for gifts - Wroclaw's Christmas Market is one of the most vivid evens of the year. The real Christmas spirit spreads in Wroclaw's city centre since 17 November. Traditionally, it is the place which marries the useful with the pleasure ...

posted November 16, 2017


Not-so-daily shopping in Wroclaw?

Fresh vegetables, exquisite meats, or even antiques - all that is available at weekend shopping in Wroclaw. Learn where to find products different than those in typical stores. Even though there are less and less street markets, still there are places which offer unique goods. 

posted November 8, 2017 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Kolejkowo – where the adults feel like children again…

There is a place where you can see Wroclaw from a completely different perspective. Everything thanks to the trains… in miniature. Kolejkowo is not only ideal for the fans of railway, but also for those who would like to be reminded how cool it was to look at the world with the eyes of a child ...

posted September 25, 2017 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Discover Wrocław – what is really worth visiting in your new city?

Moving to Wroclaw is a great opportunity to get to know Lower Silesia. The capital of the region has a long history reflected in its architecture. Apart from visiting the historical centre of the city, it is a great idea to rest close to nature - Wroclaw’s parks are perfect for relax. Discover ...

posted July 20, 2017


The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw – it's time for the sport's competition

This year Wroclaw hosts a unique sport event. The World Games in the capital of the Lower Silesia will  be attended by 3.5 thousand sportsmen from 112 countries. Form the 20th to the 30th of July they will compete in many uncommon contests. Check out what the city has to offer during this exceptional ...

posted May 30, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


Time for sunbathing in Wroclaw!

It seems like the summer of 2017 will be really special in Wroclaw. Just now you can plan a nice rest at the beach sand, near palm trees, and at the river! Three new beaches are being developed in the city so that Wroclaw citizens could enjoy sunny days out. Do you know what is the place to be when ...

posted April 18, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


Odra River Day – celebrate in Wroclaw

Odra is one of the most beautiful Polish rivers. Wroclaw citizens love to enjoy its presence, spend time at its banks, relax there. On 22 April we are celebrating its holiday! It creates the perfect opportunity to meet friends and try some delicacies from the best food trucks.  

posted April 10, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


​Italian cinema time!

Nowe Horyzonty cinema presents movies from all over the world. Their spring program is about to inspire the Italian atmosphere in the center of Wroclaw! Cinemia Italia Oggi is the event which will allow us to get to know or remind us about a number of interesting films from Italy. From 7 to 13 April ...

posted March 13, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


New museum in Wroclaw

Who said that visiting a museum has to be boring? In Wroclaw has just appeared a new place which will allow you to spend an unusual day with your friends. You must see Wroclaw’s wax figures. Michael Jackson is waiting for you just next to ... the Penguins of Madagascar. About 70 forms of contemporary ...

posted March 7, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


CreativeMornings in Wrocław

Creative breakfasts - the new tradition in Wroclaw, which you can participate in. The idea came  to the capital of Lower Silesia from New York and this inspiring initiative brings together more than 160 cities around the world. The organizers invite us all every month for a breakfast which can ...

posted March 2, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


Wroclaw’s Bazar Smakoszy – the most delicious day of the week

Every Sunday in Browar Mieszczanski - Wroclaw’s brewery an extraordinary festival of flavors takes place. Once a week, you can do the shopping comprising all healthy, original, regional or exotic products. Natural breads, vegetarian dishes, deliciously smelling meats and healthy cakes - all this ...

posted January 17, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


This type of spots competition happen only in Wroclaw! The World Games 2017

An amazing sport celebration takes place in Wroclaw in 2017. The organization of the World Games is yet another success of the city. The Games are impatiently awaited by the sportsmen and fans from all over the world. In July the champions of the most interesting sport disciplines are about to compete ...

posted January 2, 2017 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Can you move out of a rented housing before the contractual tenancy period has lapsed?

It may happen that the apartment you are renting does not really meet your expectations, you do not like the neighborhood, or just want to live closer to your workplace. You would like to move out, but your tenancy period lasts a year. What can you do in such a situation and is it possible to move out ...

posted December 29, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw, a party like no other

This New Year’s Party on Wroclaw’s Rynek is truly unique. Instead of stars and celebrities who usually perform on this type of events, this year we will see only those who are really connected with the city. What is more, the concerts take place on two stages: one of which is the Brain and ...

posted December 13, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Last weekend of Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture – farewell time

For the whole year Wroclaw has been promoting art of all kinds. European Capital of Culture has become a true festival of artistic values. In December we will be celebrating a special closing this whole-year-event. The weekend of 15-18 December seems to be an amazing time for the art-lovers.

posted November 29, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Christmas atmosphere at the heart of Wroclaw

Christmas Market is already open for everyone to come and feel the Christmas spirit. Only here the mulled vine drunk from the 'already-traditional' mug has that magical taste. We are only waiting for the first snow to fall and change Wroclaw’s Rynek into the winter wonderland. And for ...

posted November 8, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Long weekend in the city - do you have a plan?

The Independence Day is a holiday which prolongs the weekend this year. You can plan a trip destination ‘Relax’ or spend it sightseeing Wroclaw. We have a handful of ideas for a November weekend in the capital of the Lower Silesia. Maybe you will find your inspiration and organize a nice ...

posted October 17, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


See Marilyn Monroe with your own eyes

Pawilon Czterech Kopuł displays truly special prices of contemporary art. Until January 2017, the famous Andy Warhol’s “Multicoloured Marilyn” is waiting for you in Wroclaw. The art collection of Erich Marx includes true gems, so make sure to visit the “Summer Rental” ...

posted October 4, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Time for Polish Cinema, type excellent

Cinema lovers are jumping up in joy: the new edition of Polish Cinema for Beginners is about to commence. This time, the organizers have chosen the productions illustrating life of young people in Poland over the years. The Polish Youth Cycle starts 6 October in Kino Nowe Horyzonty cinema.

posted September 27, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


​Eco Autumn - visit Wroclaw’s street market

The end of September is a perfect time to stock up for the winter - not only with food, but also with good energy. Autumn Ecojarmark [EcoMarket] in Wroclaw gives a great opportunity to do just that. Until the 2 October, on Szewska Street we can buy real delicacies from the ecological farms and get a ...

posted September 19, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Meet Sir Thaddeus

If you are not familiar with this name yet, it is high time to change that. Wroclaw offers a great opportunity to learn more about the Polish national epic and its author. Muzeum Pana Tadeusza [The Museum of Sir Thaddeus] proves that the literary work which is usually associated with school reading ...

posted August 25, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


​Movies in Wroclaw?

Nowe Horyzonty [New Horizons] Cinema is the place where you can see something more than yet another popular movie on the big screen. In the evening you can relax watching ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ or ‘Don Quichote’. In September they will screen ‘Tosca’ straight from ...

posted July 26, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


​T-mobile New Horizons - a holiday film festival

The traditional film festival is about so start soon! The movies of Pedro Almodovar and Ken Loach, even the opera inspired by David Lynch, as well as many more film productions are shown in Wroclaw from 21 to 31 July. Over 200 feature films.

posted July 19, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


​Unconventional holidays in Wroclaw

When the city hustle and bustle is tiring, and the sun gets unbearable, it is the time to take a look at the world from a slightly different perspective and break free from the reality. That is why we recommend to visit Muzeum Miejskie [the City Museum] in Wroclaw. In the interiors of the Royal Palace ...

posted July 13, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


The Klodzko Valley – a superb idea for a summer trip

Wroclaw is a dreamed starting point for the amateurs of the mountain landscapes. So if you feel like you need a short holiday, plan a trip to the picturesque Klodzko Valley – even just for a weekend. The easiest access is by car, but you can also reach Klodzko by train.

posted June 28, 2016 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Leisure near water in Wroclaw? Go to the swimming zones

Summer in the city may be really pleasant. The only thing we should do is to plan to spend a hot day at the waterside. Wroclaw’s swimming zones are great not only for a weekend leisure, but also for an afternoon relax after work. Check out where to sunbathe in the city.

posted May 30, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Gather your friends and pop in... on a trampolin

If you are bored with bowling, there is nothing good in the cinema and you feel like doing something energetic - visit a trampoline park. It’s a great opportunity to have fun like in the childhood and get relaxed like never before. And only here you can jump on the walls, where and how you please ...

posted May 24, 2016


Where do they serve the best ice cream in Wroclaw?

​As soon as the sun shows up and it gets wormer, Wroclaw citizens crowd at the door of the ice cream shops. Natural ice cream, of unusual flavors are quite a recent trend. Do you know the most popular ice cream shops in town? The choice is huge, so you will find your ideal place for sure.

posted April 26, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Sightseeing Wroclaw at night

The time of the Night of Museums is approaching fast. It offers a unique opportunity to see interesting museums’ collections, learn about the history of the art and many fun facts, not only concerning Poland and the Lower Silesia. A night walk around Wroclaw is an excellent idea on 14th May ...

posted April 19, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


European Capital of Culture listens to jazz

Wroclaw is celebrating the title of the European Capital of Culture, and the plan of attractions for this year keeps growing. We are about to enjoy countless concerts and meetings with stars. And the 30 April is the International Jazz Day - it is a good idea to celebrate it in the Lower Silesia as artists ...

posted April 14, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


When you are striving for some classy entertainment...

You have to check out Narodowe Forum Muzyki [the National Forum of Music]. This place is not only dedicated to experts, but to everyone who loves beautiful sounds. Such depth in music can be found only here - also thanks to the unique architecture. It is a really good idea to plan an artistic evening ...

posted March 18, 2016


15th EkoJarmark [Eco Market] in Wroclaw

​The traditional EkoJarmark starts just before Easter. And it is a great inspiration for spring changes, not only in your diet. 16-26 March - this is the time when we have a chance to refresh our view of the world. Find out what we can get from the ecological marketers in 2016.

posted March 16, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Bilingual kindergartens in Wroclaw

Moving a family to a new city entails a lot of changes, especially for children. But in Wroclaw there is a solution to all kinds of situations. Bilingual kindergartens are places of multicultural meetings for the younger ones. It’s good to know where these facilities are.

posted February 25, 2016


A good Polish movie – ideal for the spring

European Capital of Culture means hosting the whole range of interesting events. This year, Wroclaw attracts real stars of literature and music industries, and good cinema has to be there, too. Maybe you have already heard of Polish Cinema for Beginners, but it is also a good idea to check out the novelties ...

posted January 26, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Bilingual and international schools in Wroclaw

Need to choose a new school in Wroclaw? The offer is wide: bilingual and international non-public schools compete for new students. You can find a school your child will really like. Location, extracurricular activities and qualified staff are crucial to having great atmosphere in a really good school ...

posted January 14, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Hydropolis - a magical place in Wroclaw

A brand new exhibition was opened in Wroclaw at the beginning of December. It exposes the beauty of water without which life could not exist. Hydropolis is a multimedia presentation about the incredible properties of water and the real nature of H2O. It is really a good idea to get on a tour around ...

posted December 17, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


​Gifts like no others - you can find them in Poland

Christmas is fast approaching which means that the gift-giving time is also coming soon. You can make sure to place only unique, Polish surprises under your Christmas Tree. We are here to give you some tips on what will surely make an amazing present from the country at the Vistula river.  

posted December 8, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Finally in Wroclaw - an exhibition like no other!

How come has the Titanic arrived to Wroclaw? How does it relate to Millennium Falcon and Lech Walesa? The answer is easier than one might think. The common element is Lego. Starting from 7 November, the City Stadium has converted into the paradise for fans of the famous bricks.

posted November 24, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Christmas Time is getting closer and closer!

In Wroclaw, we can get caught by the Christmas spirit with the end of November. The traditional Christmas Market is about to spread the charm in the city centre again this year. From 20 November mulled wine, kołacz cake and stands full of perfect gifts will be there to remind us that Christmas is coming ...

posted September 30, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! Your first flat hunt

Are you already there, or maybe just planning to go to Wroclaw? For sure, one of your first decisions will be the choice of the new apartment. So, how to start apartment hunt and quickly find your place in a new city?

posted September 22, 2015 in category Party hard


Leisure in Wrocław 5 - Rope Parks

If you don’t mind going through hanging tires, zip-lining, climbing the weirdest objects and the lack of hard ground under your feet does not give you goosebumps (or you enjoy that feeling), ropes park is what you need. You can boost your body with a solid dose of adrenaline in a reasonable price ...

posted September 15, 2015


Leisure in Wrocław 4 - kayaki

There are 5 rivers which flow through Wroclaw: Odra (the largest one), Widawa, Bystrzyca, Olawa, and Sleza. A well-developed water infrastructure is full of ridges and overpasses, there are 303 of them! That is why Wroclaw is called “the Venice of North”, or “Polish Venice”.

posted September 2, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Theatrical plays in English language

Even if you are not a fluent Polish speaker yet, Wroclaw offers you an opportunity to see selected plays in English language. Here are some tips about where to find them. 

posted July 23, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


The best time for housing hunt in Wroclaw

Do you want to change your housing to something cheaper or located closer to Rynek? Lucky you, because the best time for rental offers peruse is now. Holiday time means vast selection of offers in different prices, so you will find your perfect housing soon.

posted June 29, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


MaluMika means creative leisure

Are you fed up with evenings when you hang out with friends over a beer which are always the same? Want to spend time more creatively? Try something new? We have a great suggestion for you. MaluMika is a newly-opened place located in the heart of Wroclaw, which you WILL enjoy. Take your friends, children ...

posted June 12, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Asia Wroclaw’s style

​No plans for dinner? You are in a rush and want to grab something quickly, but  don’t really fancy a typical fast food. There is a great solution to that: bars with oriental cuisine. Chicken in coconut pastry or shrimp soup always sound good. Check out our selection of the best bars.

posted June 9, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Read, listen, watch

They are gaining more and more popularity and respect from their users - the readers. We, the people of the modern era, value access to information so why shouldn’t libraries become the information centers? The libraries of the 21st century, of course.

posted May 25, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Browar Stu Mostów [the Brewery of a Hundred Birdges] or a quality beer

Browar Stu Mostów is a renovated, historical site of artisan beer brewing. The brewery is opened for sightseeing for those who would like to observe the production process, but it is best to visit it in the afternoon and enjoy really good beer in great atmosphere.

posted April 22, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Leisure options in Wrocław

Do you want to spend time in Wroclaw actively and with lots of fun? Well, hereby we introduce a new cycle of articles on leisure options in Wroclaw. So to start with, we’ll go over racket sports, tennis and squash, with a fine-tooth comb.

posted March 31, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Certification of residence and PESEL number - how to survive in Wroclaw?

According to Polish law, we are all obliged to register our place of stay.  It is especially important when instead of being yet another stop on your education or professional track, Poland becomes your permanent place of residence. Fortunately, this is not really a problem. Here are some helpful ...

posted March 19, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Places in Wroclaw you have never heard of - part 1

The centre of Wroclaw is charming and picturesque - everyone knows that, even before they get to the capital of Lower Silesia. But there are more places than are dreamt of in your philosophy. As for example: how did one local pub, far away form the city centre, become the most desired place to spend ...

posted March 12, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


The Spring Season of Culture in Wroclaw is about to start

Although winter is still in its peak, we can start to plan the spring season. Especially that top Wroclaw’s events are about to take place. And some of them really deserve to be included in your diary for 2015. Wroclaw has amazing annual events. And we start planning the long weekend in May in ...

posted January 21, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


How to get internet in your Wrocław flat

​You have just found a perfect rental - cheap, close to the city centre, but there is no Internet connection. Since it is impossible to live off-line, you have to find the solution as soon as possible. Fortunately, you have a whole range of options to choose from. Check out which one will suit you ...

posted December 23, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Christmas and a talking Labrador

Talking animals, carol singers to wake you up, and a bath full of surprises - Polish Christmas are fun. Period. And there you have the reasons why. Learn how to prepare for this special time in Poland - thanks to us you’ll have a chance to shine with an anecdote.

posted December 18, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


How to celebrate Christmas in Poland?

Polish Christmas means so much more than just Christmas Tree and presents. We have our traditions, which, thankfully, continue to be cultivated. And if you spend this time of the year here, you’ll discover the whole new meaning of the Christmas Magic. Check out what you know about our Christmas ...

posted December 3, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


The Winter is coming! Check where you can ice skate in Wroclaw

Although winter is still to come and the autumn in Wroclaw is quite pleasant this year, it is high time to think about winter sports. Especially that the ice skaters have already had the skating season started at the beginning of October. Where can we ice skate in Wroclaw and how much does it cost?

posted October 30, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


International meetings in Wroclaw

Where, in Wroclaw, can you go to talk with other people in English? There are places where you hear Spanish, Hungarian, French and many other languages - you find yourself on the very top of the Tower of Babel. And in addition to that, you can learn more about Polish culture and get to know new friends ...

posted October 16, 2014 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 12] We just want to have fun!

Are you looking for some fun? You’re in the right place, then! Wroclaw is called the meeting place for a reason. So where do meetings take place? At the parties, of course! And the number of possibilities is huge. There is an urban legend saying there once there was a person who managed to participate ...

posted September 4, 2014 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part1] How to get here?

You have chosen Wroclaw - congratulations! I know for sure that you are not going to regret this decision, no matter if you plan on working, studying here or just popping for a short holiday. Wroclaw is a remarkable city - full of mysteries and charm, but also buzzing with life and unrepeatable atmosphere ...

posted August 12, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


The city is full of Sun… but where is the water?

Real summer heat has come to Wroclaw, and there is no better place to spend the sunny days then by the water. Here are some suggestions for those who would like to rest, cool down and feel the holiday vibe without getting away from the city.

posted July 24, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Market Square - the heart of Wroclaw [MOVIE]

Wroclaw’s City Square is one of the largest historic squares in Europe, and its central area is occupied by the biggest town hall in Poland. It’s the real heart of the city - if you visit Wroclaw, this is a place you cannot miss.

posted July 3, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Wroclaw on a bike - a handful of simple tips

We are already in the cycling season, and the cycle lanes are getting crowded. Bike is becoming more and more popular and many people get off their cars and public transport. How to cycle in Wroclaw and it is easy to do? What should you know before changing tram into a bike?

posted May 8, 2014 in category Party hard


How to get to the Beer Paradise? - Survival Guide

Want to dig into the beer culture and try the best beers from Wroclaw and around the world? Wonder how to do it and what to keep in mind? Survival guide to Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is here to help you! Join International Zone, catch up with other foreigners and have fun!

posted April 17, 2014 in category Party hard


​Wroclaw’s 'Good Beer' Culture - do you celebrate it?

Who doesn’t like festive vibes? It’s a great opportunity to celebrate every possible occasion, and nothing goes better with it than a beer! Wroclaw gives you a unique chance to get classy and try 350 different beers in unusual atmosphere and with interesting people. 

posted March 10, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


5 places in Wroclaw where beer tastes better

If you are wondering where to spend the evening, get broke, or plan a date, here are the 5 brightest stars of Wroclaw. Each place is different – each is unique. They have one thing in common – beer. And this is what I am going to focus on today.