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posted September 22, 2015 in category Party hard


Leisure in Wrocław 5 - Rope Parks

Do you have a few free hours during the day and are up to some extreme experiences? Go to a ropes park!
If you don’t mind going through hanging tires, zip-lining, climbing the weirdest objects and the lack of hard ground under your feet does not give you goosebumps (or you enjoy that feeling), ropes park is what you need. You can boost your body with a solid dose of adrenaline in a reasonable price and in the surroundings of  nature.

Adrenalina Park in Katy Wroclawskie

Real paradise for all adventure-seekers. 12.5 ha of a picturesque land in the valley of the Strzegomka River. Ropes park, zoring, zip-lining, paintball, minirafting, archery and eurobangee are just some of the attractions you find in Adrenalina Park.  Entering the Park in free of charge, you only pay for the attractions you enjoy (starting with PLN 13). Routes and obstacles we should force have different levels of difficulty. And the staff is always happy to advise you on what is the most appealing to our physical condition. You don’t have to make a reservation, because there are so many attractions you will not be able to try them all (at least that’s what they say on their website). They are especially famous for the longest zip-line in Poland - 320m of  ride on a steel rope.

Wyspa Przygody Opatowicka

That’s the largest ropes park in Wroclaw. It is located on Opatiwicka Island. The organizers have prepared 6 routes of different levels of difficulty and all of them are named after animals:
·         Easy routes: Inicjacja [Initiation], Małpka [Monkey], Świstak [Marmot] 
·         Medium difficulty routes: Wiewiórka [Squirrel], Dzięcioł [Woodpecker]
·         Difficult routes: Goryl [Gorilla], Pantera [Panther]
The highest route reaches 17 m of height. And if you want to visit the park, make sure you have at least 2 hours of free time.

Ropes Park "Wieżyca" in Sobótka

A bit smaller facility is located in Sobótka, near Wroclaw. Wieżyca offers 4 routes of different difficulty, a tubing track, and a mini net park for children called ‘Pajęcia Sieć’ [Cobweb] to all who are yearning for thrills and adrenaline.
Diverse difficulty routes include: MINI - Pajęcza Sieć (for children of 3-13 years of age), Children’s Route for children who are at least 130 cm tall, Medium i Difficult routes for people of least 150 cm high; their total length is of over 500 m.  The tallest platforms are over 12m high, and there are over 60 attractions available.
Indian Village Tipi Town
You don’t necessarily have to climb above the ground to experience an adventure. 4 km from Wroclaw, in Kamieniec Wroclawski, there is an Indian Village Tipi Town. It comprises a few Tipi tents, trapper cart, totem pole and children’s playground (with a bonfire place). The village includes also a miniature Western City inhabited by rabbits, and a corn maze.