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The Italian man who went to Wroclaw

source url From sunny Italia to wintery Wroclaw – is this a shocking change? Not really, since we have here such a great Italian community. Salvatore has already started his Polish adventure, so we asked him a few questions about how it is going. Check out where you can get a real Italian pizza and what ...


One Wroclaw, 5 experiences

here Are you wondering what to expect from your stay in Wroclaw? Who can help you better than other foreigners who have already been in those shoes? What do they like the most about the city and what do they miss the most after their return home?  This article breaks down all these secrets.


American link to Poland He lives in Wroclaw, likes kaszanka and makes great promotion to one of the popular local bars. Jim Williams told us about his performances, his favorite places in Lower Silesia's capital city, if clown is a funny person, and what you shouldn’t know about Polish traditional food.