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site de rencontre paris match posted February 22, 2016 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Speak like a pro – Polish Language

see Polish language is one of the most difficult among all the languages from all over the world. How can you learn it? Is it even possible? Yes, it is! And in this article you will find the ways!

best binary option payout posted December 15, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Go green! – Vegetarian places in Wroclaw

opzioni binarie 5 minuti media mobile ​Eating “green” doesn’t mean chewing lettuce all day long. There are plenty of places in Wroclaw where you can eat nutritious and delicious vegetarian food. Discover them with us in this article! How can a vegetarian survive in the “kielbasa heaven”? Poland is famous ...


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 9] - 5 green places are waiting!

source site City life and daily work routine can be quite tiring. Cars, hubbub, and other city noises are the usual soundtracks of our lives. But there is a way out! Click to find how to get from the city-jungle back to Mother Nature.


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 7] Wroclaw for dummies - 6 places that you can't miss

kino single frauen Are you new to the city? Do you want to feel the atmosphere of charming Wroclaw and listen to the stories it could tell you? This article will shed the light onto some of the most attractive sights of the city. But what should you see first? Your Wroclaw journey starts right now!

go posted September 2, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Unique Wroclaw – hidden places to visit

You have probably already visited the most important attractions of Wroclaw: Rynek, Centennial Hall, Museums, the University building. But Wroclaw has so much more to offer. Here is the list of destinations which are non-typical, but still worth visiting.

posted July 31, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Wroclaw for Free! – Walk around and explore

If you are new to the city or maybe you have already stayed here for a while but still want to learn more about it, hear some urban legends, walk around and have fun - this article was written especially for you! Click to learn more!

posted July 22, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


The bike I like – where and how to rent or buy a bike in Wroclaw

Neither are bicycles only the means of transport used to get from point A to point B, nor bike-rides are just a nice time-spending activity. Bikes are so much more! They are a lifestyle! Find out where and how to rent or buy one for yourself in Wroclaw. 

posted June 18, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Wroclaw for dummies 2 - What else to do here?

Well, you have already walked around the Market Square and Cathedral Island, visited museums and art galleries, tried pierogi and zurek. What else could you do? Wroclaw has much more to offer! In this article you will find other options of time spending in the city. 

posted May 14, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


A night to explore! - Night of Museums in Wroclaw

Hey there, night owls! Put away your computers, TV series, and glasses of beer in a pub! Explore something new! For THE ONE NIGHT ONLY, over 60 museums and art galleries open their doors for you! Click to find out how not to miss this awesome event.

posted April 9, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Back in Time – Vintage shopping in Wroclaw

Want to add a vintage vibe to your life, or simply search for unique items to change your look or the look of your apartment? Here is the list of ideas for vintage and antiques shopping in Wroclaw.

posted March 31, 2014 in category Wroclaw Through Foreign Eyes


One Wroclaw, 5 experiences

Are you wondering what to expect from your stay in Wroclaw? Who can help you better than other foreigners who have already been in those shoes? What do they like the most about the city and what do they miss the most after their return home?  This article breaks down all these secrets.