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posted December 15, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Go green! – Vegetarian places in Wroclaw

​Eating “green” doesn’t mean chewing lettuce all day long. There are plenty of places in Wroclaw where you can eat nutritious and delicious vegetarian food. Discover them with us in this article! How can a vegetarian survive in the “kielbasa heaven”? Poland is famous for its delicious meat dishes: kotlet schabowy, zrazy,kaszanka, golabki, zurek. But where can you have lunch if you don't eat meat?


Green Way

Green Way is one of the most popular vegetarian chains of cafes in Poland. It is a great place to eat, if you are in a hurry. No need to wait for a dish to be prepared – go in and grab your meal right away. GreenWay offers quite a wide a range of vegetarian food, from soups to deserts. Average price for a main dish is around 10-14zl.

Location: ul.Kuźnicza 11/13

Machina Organika

Machina Organika is another nice place to have lunch. Apart from the traditional vegetarian dishes, you’ll be able to try delicious ice-cream and cakes there. Moreover, the menu changes daily and therefore, there is always something new to try.

Location: ul.Ruska 19 (Kazimierza Wielkiego)


Najadacze.pl is a great place to try vegetarian burgers, tortillas, and other international dishes in reasonable prices (6-20zl). They also offer great fresh smoothies and juices - definitely worth trying. 

Location: ul.Nożownicza 40


Vega is a place where you can eat not just vegetarian, but also vegan food. It is easy to find - as it's situated just next to the City Hall with astronomical clocks. In the summer, you can sit outside and enjoy the view on one of the most beautiful districts in Wroclaw. 

Location: Rynek - Ratusz 27a

Zle mieso

Zle Mieso which literally means “Bad Meat” (quite a funny name for a vegetarian café) is a small and cozy place where you can get some veggies. The only problem with this café is its location. It is not that easy to be found,  but take it as an adventurous journey and then, as an explorer, reward yourself with a great, tasty meal. 

Location: ul.Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19

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Author: Kristina Gumyonnova