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posted May 14, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


A night to explore! - Night of Museums in Wroclaw

Hey there, night owls! Put away your computers, TV series, and glasses of beer in a pub! Explore something new! For THE ONE NIGHT ONLY, over 60 museums and art galleries open their doors for you! Click to find out how not to miss this awesome event.

Have you seen the movie “Night at the museum”, where all the exhibits come alive at night and have a nice walk around? Now you have a chance to experience it yourself! Well, we are not going to promise that you will see the actual walking dinosaur skeletons and mummies (even though you never know), but the history, art, and culture truly come alive at the night of the 17th of May.

Starting in 1997 in Berlin, European Night of Museums has spread around 120 cities. Last year more than 150 thousand people participated in the Wroclaw Night of Museums. Can you imagine these crowds? Every forth citizen of Wroclaw came to grasp culture, history, and art that night! And you can join them this year.

The list of museums, art galleries, and other cultural venues, which participate in the event, along with the schedule can be found here.

My selection of some interesting venues to visit

To learn more about history, visit:

1. the Historical Section of The City Museum of Wroclaw. You will be able to see the exhibition “1000 years of Wroclaw” and also to educate yourself in cartography with the exhibition of a Silesian cartographer Martin Helwig.

2. Military and Archeological Sections of The City Museum of Wroclaw, which are situated on Cieszyńskiego 9, are also good places to visit to see the exhibitions of “Ancient Silesia” and “Hall of arms”.

If you are interested in nature, wild-world and how it has been changing throughout the decades and centuries, the most important museums to visit will be:

1. Geological Museum of Wroclaw University to  witness the following exhibitions: “Rocks and fossils as a record of the Earth's geological history and evolution of life”, “The most interesting paleontological finds in the Sudetenland”, “Bottom of the Jurassic sea under your feet” and many others;

2.  Museums of Minerals of Wroclaw University, situated on Cybulskiego 32-34 and Kuźnicza 22.

This night is a paradise for art-lovers. The first place to visit is The National Museum. Apart from the regular exhibitions, this night the museum offers a number of workshops and lectures about art.
Also, visit one (or more) of the art galleries which participate in the event.

If you are interested in design, don’t miss the II International Festival of Good Projects WROCLOVE DESIGN 2014. This is the first European-scale event dedicated to design and art in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, where you can see art objects of everyday use, as well as the organization of space in architecture and much more.

Kids can have fun at this night too. There are plenty of different activities organized especially for them to combine learning and entertainment. You and your kids can participate in the interactive game at The Museum of Post and Telecommunication, draw maps at the Historical Section of The City Museum of Wroclaw or learn more about animals, who lived millions of years ago on our planet at the Geological Museum of Wroclaw University.

True art and history are priceless - and so is the entrance to every venue that night. Just pack some curiosity in your pockets and go to museums!

Remember, it’s never too late to explore!
More information on official website and Facebook profile

Author: Kristina Gumyonnova