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The bike I like – where and how to rent or buy a bike in Wroclaw

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original site check my blog Neither are bicycles only the means of transport used to get from point A to point B, nor bike-rides are just a nice time-spending activity. Bikes are so much more! They are a lifestyle! Find out where and how to rent or buy one for yourself in Wroclaw.

Cannot imagine yourself without your iron friend? There are absolutely no reasons for you to betray yourself and not to bike in Wroclaw! Our last article with the tips for bicycle lovers will help you feel comfortable riding around the city, and this one will give you some clues on where and how to get a bike.

Free riders

binära optioner testkonto One of the most popular and the easiest way to get yourself a bike in the reasonable price or even for free (yes, it is possible!) – is to use the “City bike” services. Perhaps you have already noticed bike stands spread around the city. You can use those bicycles for free for the first 20 minutes of your ride; the only thing you need to do is to register on Nextbike. Map of the bike stations can be found here.

To find out more about the service, check Infolink website.

Bike for a day If you are not planning to ride a bike often and just want to have a one day trip around Wroclaw, you can rent it in Cinnamon Hostel. The hourly price is – 8zl, but if you decide to ride till midnight you’ll pay 35-40zl, depends on the day. However you have to book a bike in advance, because they have only 3 of them (thanks for the info Lucas).

Your private iron friend

quick hookup Want your own iron friend, which is not to be shared with anyone else? No problem! There are plenty of sport shops around Wroclaw, which offer wide range of bicycles for different purposes. You can take a look in one of those shops: Probike, or

It is also possible to find a bike on an on-line auction, or Just be careful, because you are dealing with private sellers.

Another options it to search for a bike on the weekend market on Dworzec Świebodzki every Sunday, when the huge market takes place. You can find there slightly everything!

Summer is a perfect season for bicycle rides! So don’t miss it and have fun!

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