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posted June 18, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Wroclaw for dummies 2 - What else to do here?

Well, you have already walked around the Market Square and Cathedral Island, visited museums and art galleries, tried pierogi and zurek. What else could you do? Wroclaw has much more to offer! In this article you will find other options of time spending in the city.

The Tiniest Citizens

Did you know that Wroclaw is the home place for dwarfs? Statuettes of the smallest citizens are situated all over the city and represent different aspects of life. There is dwarf - the gardener, dwarf - the reader, musician dwarves and even dwarf – the couch-potato who watches TV all day long. You definitely should go on a dwarf hunt yourself! It could appear quite challenging, since there are more than 200 statuettes to find, but extremely exciting and adventurous.

Tip – map of the city with all the dwarfs indicated is available here.

Forever Young

Want to feel the young spirit of Wroclaw? Then Slodowa Island is the place for you to visit. Join students from all over the city that gather there to hang out, have picnics and parties. Moreover, amazing view on Wroclaw University building, Odra River and small part of Cathedral Island opens up from there.

River Journeys

Active sports lovers wouldn’t be bored in Wroclaw as well. Kayaking and canoeing along the Olawa River is quite popular activity during the summer. You could rent kayak or canoe and find more information about the routes from the small boat station that is situated behind the National Museum. The price for 2 person kayak is 14pln per hour.

Relax and Tranquility

Not ready for an active time spending? Massive parks and unique gardens lure with their peaceful atmosphere. One of the most attractive is Botanical Garden. It is more than 200 years old, which makes it the 2nd oldest in whole Poland. Atmosphere there is charming; enjoyable walks around calm ponds, along bridges and narrow alleys surrounded by wondrous flowers are guaranteed.

Japanese Garden is a unique place to visit as well. First established 100 years ago Japanese Garden is a little piece of Asia in European city. It is the perfect place to dip into tranquility and feel the connection with the nature. This is the part of Centennial Hall complex.

Scenic views

It is possible to look at Wroclaw sights, which you’ve already visited, from the height of bird’s flight. Here are several options:

  • From the tower of St Elizabeth Church, that is situated near the Market Square, opens up stunning view on the Rynek.

  • It is possible to see an amazing view on Cathedral Island along with Odra River and Grunwaldzki Bridge from the St. John the Baptist cathedral tower.

  • Overlook on 49th floor of the Sky Tower is perfect for the view on the modern part of Wroclaw.

    Tip - The most stunning views open up during sunset hours and at night.

Party Hard

What else could you do at night? First of all try craft beers in one of the unique pubs. Poland is famous for and proud of their beer, so don’t miss the opportunity to try it.You also should visit well-known clubbing area in Wroclaw – Pasaz Niepolda. The concentration of clubs and dancing people on the square meter there is higher than in any other part of the city. So if you don’t know what to do on Friday night, definitely check out this area.
Now it’s your turn to explore Wroclaw from different angles and experience something new. Good luck! 

Did you see those places around Wroclaw?
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Author: Kristina Gumyonnova