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posted September 2, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Unique Wroclaw – hidden places to visit

You have probably already visited the most important attractions of Wroclaw: Rynek, Centennial Hall, Museums, the University building. But Wroclaw has so much more to offer. Here is the list of destinations which are non-typical, but still worth visiting.

There is always much more behind the typical tourist attractions of any city. Wroclaw is not an exception. A lot of hidden and not that well-known places are great to spend time in. So don’t miss your chance to visit them!

Let the horses loose

Did you know that there is a horse racetrack in Wroclaw? There are only three of them in Poland, and one is situated here, not far from Park Południowy on ul. Zwycięska 2. That is a perfect place if you like risk, adrenaline and betting. It is also worth visiting if you just want to spend your time different than usually. Handful of information in English about the race schedule, horses participating, and the betting can be found on this website. Entrance is free.

Challenge yourself

If watching horse races is not what are you would enjoy, challenge yourself to experience more in the Adrenalina Park. It is situated a bit far from the city center, but what are the distances for adventure lovers?

This is a place where you can participate in paintball fight, bike rides, walks on the ropes and slides on them over ponds, rafting on the river, shooting from arches and many more. No one will leave the park without a portion of great mood and adrenaline. 

Magic in the middle of the city

If you  prefer the green surrounding and relaxing atmosphere, there are places in Wroclaw for you as well. First of all, take a look on our previous article, where you can find a number of ideas for your freetime. Another nice place to visit is Park Śródmiejski (Park in the center of the city).

It is situated right aside the Puppet Theater. It is a perfect place for romantic walks - the surrounding is magical! Moreover, it is a good place for walks with kids.

Lost in green

Another magical green corner in Wroclaw is Park Wschodni (Eastern Park). It is quite unusual and beautiful, surrounded by rivers and filled with greenery, old trees and ponds. Amazing for relaxing walks, picnics with friends, and photo-shoots.

And what are your favorite places in Wroclaw? Share your thoughts with other people!

Author: Kristina Gumyonnova