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posted February 22, 2016 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Speak like a pro – Polish Language

Polish language is one of the most difficult among all the languages from all over the world. How can you learn it? Is it even possible? Yes, it is! And in this article you will find the ways!

When I first came to Poland the only phrases I knew were “Dzień dobry” (Good morning/ afternoon) and “Jak się masz?”(How are you?). Obviously, it was quite challenging to communicate only with their help. There was a need to learn Polish and I was really excited to start.

But one thing frightened me at first. I was noticing billboards around the city, with the words, which were built with so many consonants in a row and unusual letters. “Szczęście”, “najszybszy”, “chrząszcz” - I thought I would never be able to read, pronounce and remember how to write them down. I was mistaken!

Here are the tips on how to learn Polish! Checked myself!

Buy the bread

The first things to learn are common phrases that you can use on everyday basis, for instance, when you go the grocery shop. You can easily find these phrases online or almost in any travel guidebook. There is no need to memorize how to write them on that stage, just remember how these phrases sound and use them as often as possible.

Trust me you will feel so satisfied and start to understand that Polish language is not as scary as it may seem before.

Build the base

Now when you’ve managed to make the first step in learning Polish, it’s time to move forward. Second step is to build a base for the language in order for it to develop easier. Just like a house, the language supposed to be built on a good foundation.

One of the best solutions is to find a good language school, where professional native speaking teachers would guide you in learning. I could advice you Polish Street; they know how to make learning process fun, engaging and effective. The atmosphere during the classes is great!

The learning method they use is based on grammar with the heavy involvement of communication; that means you would be able to use all of the knowledge you’ve obtained and remember everything much better. Moreover, they offer classes on Polish history, culture and art in English. Great chance to learn more about the country you are staying in.

By the way, this summer you have amazing opportunity to improve your Polish during 3 weeks intensive course there.


Yes! Chit-chats with the Poles or other foreigners, who also learn Polish, could help you a lot. Find a person to communicate with and talk-talk-talk. Don’t be afraid to make grammar mistakes, just try to be understood. If you communicate with a native speaker listen actively and try to remember the constructions of phases and specific words. As a return you can teach other people your own language. This is called “tandem learning” and it’s getting more and more popular.

Take a look on our international forum in order to find language buddies.

Watch and read

Love movies? Great! Watch your favorite film in Polish. Or grab some Polish movie, which is actually even better.  I would advise to watch them with subtitles (in Polish as well), because sometimes characters speak fast and articulation cannot be compared with school teachers.

Or read a book! Start with something easy; young adult books could be useful, however, don’t make a blind decision! Look through the book, evaluate whether you understand the content (don’t be discouraged if you don’t know some words – it is normal) and decide whether the plot will be interesting for you. 

When you read don’t try to translate every word you don’t understand, that would annoy you quite fast. My method is: firstly, I read the text and don’t use dictionary at all, I read and try to understand the content and at the same time I underline unknown words; then (when I finish the chapter or some part of the text), I come back and translate those underlined words.

If you are too scared to read an actual book in foreign language buy some magazine. Just make sure that it is not scientific and the language there is understandable.

Polish is fun to learn! Use techniques that work best for you, communicate and don’t give up!
Powodzenia! Good luck!

Author: Kristina Gumyonnova