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posted November 8, 2017 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Kolejkowo – where the adults feel like children again…

There is a place where you can see Wroclaw from a completely different perspective. Everything thanks to the trains… in miniature. Kolejkowo is not only ideal for the fans of railway, but also for those who would like to be reminded how cool it was to look at the world with the eyes of a child. Besides, children have great fun there, because Kolejkowo was established to make their dreams come true.
Kolejkowo, or the largest in Poland railway mockup, was opened on Dworzec Świebodzki, one of the oldest train stations in Wroclaw. Almost 2,5 thousand of figures, 15 trains, 1 tram and 160 Wroclaw's buildings are there to be admired in their detailed miniature. And the most important: the plan is designed with attention to the smallest detail. It took two years to build the mock up, and the building of Dworzec Świebodzki itself took two months. The artists looked closely at the photographs and the documents and they were able to create an exact copy of this beautiful building in mini version.
Kolejkowo shows us life in the tiny city and allows to think of our own stories about the people living there. They are waiting for the approaching tram, walking in the city centre or travelling by train. We get a chance to look at Wroclaw's tenement houses and learn about the villages of Lower Silesia. Apart from the miniature of the capital of Lower Silesia, Kolejkowo includes also Karpacz and Śnieżka mountain, together with the weather observatory. When those beautiful trains run along the rails, many adults remember how they dreamt about this type of toys when they were children. The youngest ones look at this miniature city with burning cheeks: moveable elements always make huge impression.
Entry tickets cost from PLN 15 to PLN 19 and are available also online. Kolejkowo is located at Dworzec Świebodzki and it is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information - http://wroclaw.kolejkowo.pl/en