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posted March 19, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Places in Wroclaw you have never heard of - part 1

The centre of Wroclaw is charming and picturesque - everyone knows that, even before they get to the capital of Lower Silesia. But there are more places than are dreamt of in your philosophy. As for example: how did one local pub, far away form the city centre, become the most desired place to spend the evening?
Upon the arrival to Wroclaw, each of us took their first steps to Rynek, its Main Square, and we were all impressed with Ostrow Tumski. Magical little pubs on Wlodkowica Street were our next discovery - almost like discovering a new dwarf. But there is nothing more enjoyable than magical places which are never reached by most tourists.

There is only one place like that

Popowice - gray residental district surrounded by the Odra River and green parks. But it is here where you’ll find a very important point on the map of Wroclaw’s entertainment. Far away from the city centre, and you can move into a different dimension. But it may only happen in Czeski Pub. It’s not easy to find, if you go there for the first time. At the back of delicatessen, near Popowicka bus stop there are the stairs to the land of the best beer in the neighborhood, sports rivalry and social meetings. It is everything a pub should be.
They offer Czech beers only, but the prices start with PLN 5, so there’s nothing to complain about. Especially if you accompany your beer with nachos with Asian chili salsa. Those who come here hungry can count on some tasty soup: every day a different one. There is one urban legend stating that there has never been a day when Czeski Pub was empty. You can come here at any time of day, sit down, have a chat with the bartender and watch a football match. And, of course, at any time of day you can see people who've gotten tired with good beer some time ago. There are many billiard amateurs, if you’re up for a game. And the separate room for smokers may become a great place to start a new friendship - some have already experienced that.

The taste of summer holidays

Maybe from the description above (and your expectations) you may conclude that it is a very male place, but don’t be deceived by first appearances. It is music that makes meeting your friends there have perfect sense. Their playlist will take to through the whole history of disco music and comprises mostly the greatest summer hits of Generation Y. Each song will remind you of some romantic holidays or even the ‘wild’ kindergarten years. The taste of Czech, wheat Primator gets this special edge when in the background you can hear Modern Talking by turns with Michel Telo and his “Bere, bere, bere...”. It does not matter if it’s a depressing night or a crazy Friday night - it is always worth to come here. And if you need to feel the summer in the middle of the winter season, just pair the hot disco with a cold... mojito.
You probably already know all the fancy pubs in the city centre like the back of your hand. But Czeski Pub is a living proof that basement-y, somewhat dark atmosphere of a pub in the middle of a gray block of flats can be really special. And hereby I would like to say hi to all my companions who lift me up on Sunday night or cloudy Thursday, or whenever I felt that Friday is still so far away. And if you want to learn who the “hot mother” is and what is she looking for in the smoking area, you should check out Popowice one day.