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posted February 12, 2018


A flat or a room in Wroclaw in 2018 – what is worth learning before you start looking.

Rent market in Wroclaw has changed significantly in the last few years. New residential districts were developed both in the downtown, and in the suburbs. Not only the number of flats for rent increases, but also the number of potential tenants. And everyone is looking to find the most convenient location in the best price. How to plan your budget to find a place which meets your requirements?

More and more young people from all over the world studies and works in Wroclaw. Renting Zone is often contacted by fresh workers of large internationals looking for a comfortable place to live here. Many are on the stage of planning the move and they wish to rent a flat even before they reach the capital of the Lower Silesia. Others already know the city very well, but they would like to change flats: find a bigger one, move in with friends or a partner, sometimes live closer to the city center. Despite the fact that for many foreigners Wroclaw is still one of the cheapest European cities, you should be aware of the monthly cost of rent charges and which part of the city you should start your search with.
How much does it cost to live in the city center?
Flat searchers we work for often tend to go for comfortable flats in the vicinity of Rynek [the Main Square] so that they can reach the heart of the city on foot. It is even more important if they work in the same area, so that they do not have to include the commuting cost in their everyday budget. A studio apartment of a small flat with a bedroom and a living room with a kitchenette in the center is usually around 1800 plus bills for utilities. If you care for a modern flat with a unique interior design, the price increases. Rental flats located at Rynek are especially popular. Rent price of a tenement house apartment is app. PLN 3000, but sometimes we can come across a real bargain. A room in a shared flat is usually app. PLN 1000 plus monthly charges.
What if not the city center?
New residential districts were developed in the area of Krzyki, Jagodno or Zlotniki. These are the flats often chosen by the families and young people who buy their first housing. If you plan to get around the city by car and you care to live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, think about a studio apartment far from the center. Such a flat in a new apartment building is app. PLN 1500 plus administrative charge; PLN 1800-2000 in total. You should also consider blocks of flats, which are plenty in Wroclaw. Popowice or Szczepin - these districts are located close to Jana Pawla II Square, and close to Rynek. The flats are not as modern as in the new apartment buildings, but the prices may be a positive surprise. A two-room flat in Popowice is more or less the cost of a studio closer to the city center.

Beware of the charges
Landlords require the payment of a security deposit, which usually equals the monthly rent price. Sometimes, the deposit is double the rent price or a bit higher than a monthly cost of the total apartment charges. It is always important to learn if the price given in the offer includes the administrative charge. In Wroclaw, it is app. PLN 220-600. Apart from that charge, tenants also pay for the electricity and gas, the Internet (if you need wifi) and water, and, sometimes, the difference for the settlement for central heating after the heating season.
If you choose to search for a flat with the assistance of an Agent, make sure to find out how much is the commission. But if you are looking for a housing remotely, your Agent will collect all the data for you and pre-select the offers which meet your expectations. Your job will be to set the budget and prepare the list of requirements concerning your new home.