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posted November 8, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Long weekend in the city - do you have a plan?

The Independence Day is a holiday which prolongs the weekend this year. You can plan a trip destination ‘Relax’ or spend it sightseeing Wroclaw. We have a handful of ideas for a November weekend in the capital of the Lower Silesia. Maybe you will find your inspiration and organize a nice relaxing holiday?
The long, autumn weekend in Wroclaw starts soon. The Independence Day, 11 November, is a  holiday. This year we are enjoying a shorter working week and a three-day-long weekend. One of the possibilities to spend this time is to organize a trip and learn about Poland and sightsee the Lower Silesia. But if you are just getting to know Wroclaw, you can use this time to strengthen the connection with the city and discover its attractions. When everyone else sets off to a relaxing weekend outside the city, you can start your Wroclaw tour.

Time for art
If you give your 100 percent at work on everyday basis, you may want to catch up with the exhibitions in Wroclaw’s museums on Friday. Most of them are open till 5 p.m. on weekdays, so it is not easy to visit them after work. On Friday holiday we recommend seeing, e.g. the Historical Museum. The collection presents the 1000 years of the life of the city. Thanks to that visit you may understand the difficult history of Wroclaw better. You should also see the Royal Palace in your free time.
African heat in the middle of November
Chilly November is not the most encouraging month to relax in nature. However, there is a place which attracts crowds even on a rainy day. We are talking about Africarium, of course. It is really worth spending a few hours among the wild nature in the heart of Wroclaw. Long weekend is a great opportunity to get to know this place or came back there if you have already paid a visit. Merry fur seals and funny hippopotamus know how to cheer people up. The visit in Africarium is included in the regular entry ticket to the Wroclaw zoo - with no additional payments. If the weather is good, you can also plan a walk through the whole zoo and enjoy its amazing, exotic nature.
Weekend of fine cuisine
Another weekend suggestion may be to visit some unusual gastronomic places on the map of Wroclaw. If you fancy some typical Polish cuisine, try pierogarnia [dumpling restaurant]. Polish cuisine is usually associated with pierogi: with potatoes and cheese, with cabbage or with meat. One of the most popular dumpling restaurants which serves such delicacies is Pierogarnia Stary Młyn on the Main Square - you should have no problem finding this place. Another fun possibility is trying some unusual variations of Polish regional products. Goat cheese, homemade cold meats and meats can be found in many places, e.g. in Droga Mleczna bistro or in Szynkarnia. Both locations will have you learn more about Polish beers and ecological wines.
Sport’s time
Have you heard about the indoor ice rinks in Wroclaw? You can also spend this long weekend ice skating. The most popular rinks are open since October in Orbita Hall  on Wejherowska street no. 34 and on Spiska street no. 1. The ticket price is app. PLN 13 per hour. You do not have to own skates,  you can rent them for PLN 6. For the beginners there are also special ice skating courses - maybe you would like to learn something new about this sport?
Long walk among the secret city corners
Although a walk seems to be the easiest and even the least creative of ideas, the weekend trip around the city may become a real adventure. After visiting all the attractions in the Old Town and the Main Square, you may go to the Southern Park, or even further: to the beautiful Eastern Park. Maybe you don’t even know that Wroclaw has more than one market square? The second is located in Psie Pole which you can reach by the city bus. It is also a great place to take a coffee break. Walking around the city, especially on a holiday when you don’t have to worry about the everyday duties allows to discover details which we may miss on everyday basis. Try to be a tourist in Wroclaw - at least for one day!