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posted July 24, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Market Square - the heart of Wroclaw [MOVIE]

Wroclaw’s City Square is one of the largest historic squares in Europe, and its central area is occupied by the biggest town hall in Poland. It’s the real heart of the city - if you visit Wroclaw, this is a place you cannot miss. And if you live here and keep coming back to the Square, you are amazed by its beauty, greatness, and unique atmosphere over and over again.




Social hub

The Main Square is the most popular meeting place of Wroclaw’s citizens. And there is nothing surprising about it. Unrepeatable atmosphere, diverse coffees, pubs or restaurants are the best incentive to meet your friends there.
The world-famous Piwnica Świdnicka is the oldest restaurant in Europe - and the locals have been enjoying the beer brewed in this place for centuries. It is also the place where you can try traditional Polish and Wroclawian cuisine.

Not only the Main Square

Street florists located in Plac Solny, which is next to the Main Square, are one of the symbols of the city. It is also worth to visit Kościół Św. Elżbiety [St. Elizabeth Church], as the view from the top of its tower embraces the whole centre of Wroclaw - and the bird’s eye view on this city is an unforgettable experience.
Just in front of the Town Hall there is Pręgierz [pillory], used as the public punitive site in the past, now probably the most popular place for locals to get together. “Let’s meet by the pillory” - this is how Wroclaw’s parties, meetings, and dates usually start.
What is more, there are many other historic places to be visited - colorful tenement houses, or a beautiful fountain, among all the others. All that make this place so unique. It is full of life from early morning till the late night - and the atmosphere is a bit different each time of the day... different but always unique. Check it out yourself - enjoy Wroclaw.


Author: Michal Hajdasz