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posted April 22, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Leisure options in Wrocław

Do you want to spend time in Wroclaw actively and with lots of fun? Well, hereby we introduce a new cycle of articles on leisure options in Wroclaw.
So to start with, we’ll go over racket sports, tennis and squash, with a fine-tooth comb.



Tennis has become popular in Poland thanks to two famous sisters: Agnieszka and Urszula Radwańska. With the increase of their popularity, many tennis schools and grass and indoor tennis courts sprung up. Tennis schools offer individual and group classes, and the differences in prices are significant. There are schools where classes are conducted in English language. Grass courts are only open during the summer season, but indoor ones are available all year round. Due to the fact that they are located in different areas of the city, you should have no problem with accessing these facilities.
 Tennis balls are available in a facility, but usually you should come with your own racket.
Where do we play?

  • Hala RADECO at al. Hallera 81a
  • Morskie Oko at al. Chopina 27
  • Spartan at Krajewskiego 2
  • Stadion Olimpijski (Olympic Stadium) at al. Paderewskiego 35
  • Centrum Matchpoint at Szyszkowa 6
  • Centrum Rekreacji at Gwarna 10


Turbo-dynamics for those who enjoy fast pace. You can play squash alone or in pairs. It is also more likely to have the opportunity to rent a racket in the sport facility, and the balls are always available there. You can also purchase classes with an instructor, which you can attend alone or with one other person. Avarage price of squash court rent:  PLN 35 per hour.
Where do we play?

  • Squash Club at al. Długosza 71
  • Jupiter Sport at Żegiestowska 11
  • Hastalavista at Góralska 5
  • Redeco at Strzegomska 210/212
  • Centrum Matchpoint at Szyszkowa 6
  • Stadion Olimpijski (Olympic Stadium) at al. Paderewskiego 35

All the newbies in these sports can participate in festivals, open days, as well as sport camps. There is no age limit, and you don’t have to be extremely fit and strong if you want to play for fun. More advanced players can test their skills in league competitions of different levels.
For squash, it’s good to have fast reflexes.