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posted January 17, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


This type of spots competition happen only in Wroclaw! The World Games 2017

An amazing sport celebration takes place in Wroclaw in 2017. The organization of the World Games is yet another success of the city. The Games are impatiently awaited by the sportsmen and fans from all over the world. In July the champions of the most interesting sport disciplines are about to compete against one another. And you have an amazing opportunity to cheer for sumo contestants in the Lower Silesia.
This year Wroclaw turned into the European Capital of Culture which was related with many great events from the world of art, music, cinema and theatre. Thanks to this, the city was visited by many recognized artists, and the citizens saw the exhibitions they could only dream of in the past. The next year already seems to be sports-themed. It has been 4 years since the capital of the Lower Silesia started preparing to host The World Games 2017. And from 20 to 30 July 2017 the fans of the most interesting sports disciplines are about to gather in Wroclaw.
The World Games participants will compete in such competitions as the ultimate frisbee, wake board, squash, fastball, boule, sumo and many others. The lists of sports in which the medals are awarded is long: there are 30 disciplines, which also include aeronautic and water sports. It is an amazing opportunity awaited by many young people who have been training in their disciplines for years. Over 3500 sportsmen will take part in the event.
The competitions are organized in the stadiums and sports halls. Some new sports facilities are being developed especially for the occasion of The World Games – after the event ends they are about to be used by Wroclaw citizens. A modern swimming pool facility is being constructed next to Hala Orbita and the swimming pool at Wejherowska Street will be renovated. In addition to that, a real roller drome is being developed in Part Tysiaclecia. Up till now, there was no place in Wroclaw where the fans of speed roller skating or skating could practice these sports. We are looking forward to the beginning of the World Games 2017 and we hope that the sportsmen and fans from all over the world will feel like home in Wroclaw.