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posted April 10, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


​Italian cinema time!

Nowe Horyzonty cinema presents movies from all over the world. Their spring program is about to inspire the Italian atmosphere in the center of Wroclaw! Cinemia Italia Oggi is the event which will allow us to get to know or remind us about a number of interesting films from Italy. From 7 to 13 April we all have a chance to catch up with them.
Italian cinema is actually quite popular in Poland. Partly due to the hit film of Paolo Sorrentino 'The Young Pope', but also because of picturesque shots and interesting approach to social issues. Nowe Horyzonty cinema is famous for their attempt to present the best films. And on 7 April the review of the Italian cinema starts. It is the best opportunity to see the films awarded on many national and international festivals, those appreciated by the cinema-lovers.
'Quo Vado?' is the perfect choice for the amateurs of good comedies. The main character's name is Checco and his story will make you laugh even on the gloomiest day. Funny movies are only the starter: there are also various socially engaged films dedicated to people who go to the cinema not only to relax, but also to seek inspiration, motivation and reflection.
Planning the Italian beginning of the spring seems like a good idea. Remember: 7 to 13 April - great cinema in the heart of Wroclaw. For more information, please check: http://www.kinonh.pl/artykul.do?id=1519