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posted March 16, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Bilingual kindergartens in Wroclaw

Moving a family to a new city entails a lot of changes, especially for children. But in Wroclaw there is a solution to all kinds of situations. Bilingual kindergartens are places of multicultural meetings for the younger ones. It’s good to know where these facilities are.
New job, new housing, and a new country - these changes effect both adults and children. They also have to adjust to life in a foreign language. In order to facilitate adjusting to the new situation, the choice of the right kindergarten is very important. In Wroclaw, there is a number of such places which are ready to welcome the foreigners - all in all, it is always easier to go through changes together.

Kid’s Corner

Kid’s Corner is one of the oldest bilingual kindergartens, and it’s located in Krzyki. Although the location is far from the centre of the city, the kindergarten is very popular. All due to its unique surroundings and family atmosphere. Kid’s Corner makes sure that the children learn and have fun, but also provides many additional attractions, such as birthday parties. Children meet new people and develop their language skills. The facility offers attentive care over the little ones.  For more information, visit: Kid's Corner

International Playschool

International Playschool also advertises as a multicultural kindergarten. It is also located in Krzyki, in the prestigious residential area of the district, at Wietrzna Street. The institution functions on the basis of an international British teaching program, which stems from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Thanks to the teachers from the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia, the atmosphere is truly international. Children learn through play, and the instruction methods allow for continuing education in Polish schools. For more information in English language, please visit: International Playschool

Bright Beginners

Just outside the city of Wroclaw, in Wysoka, there is another bilingual kindergarten. It is located in a peaceful and quiet place and it stands out due to the attractions it offers. Communication style and education methods are supposed to make English language a natural means of communication for children. All that is ensured by teachers from the USA and Australia. Children have a whole range of interesting activities and go on a trip once a month. One more important characteristic of this facility is the fact that they prepare their own meals with healthy, ecological products. Price list and education program are available here: Bright Beginners

American School of Wroclaw

The first English nursery and kindergarten in Wroclaw is the American School of Wroclaw. Once again, it is located in Krzyki district, in the peaceful area of Przyjaźni Street. Friendly atmosphere and safe environment make the education fun, and help children to adjust quicker to the new place. The teachers are English native speakers and provide good care to the little ones. And what is also very important: ASW offers transportation for children to school and back home. This is a great solution for parents who decide to live in a different part of Wroclaw. For more details, please visit:  American School of Wrocław
Multicultural kindergartens, run by foreigners, seem to be an amazing solution to help children get used to living in a foreign country. Learning a new language and meeting other children who are also far from their countries is a good start in Wroclaw.