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posted May 30, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Gather your friends and pop in... on a trampolin

If you are bored with bowling, there is nothing good in the cinema and you feel like doing something energetic - visit a trampoline park. It’s a great opportunity to have fun like in the childhood and get relaxed like never before. And only here you can jump on the walls, where and how you please, and play basketball like a pro.
Wroclaw’s trampoline parks are different than all the others. All their surfaces are covered with trampolines. Thanks to that, everyone can try an activity which can release more and more endorphins.  You can also take your children and jump together during your family time. And the pool filled with sponges may convert into a favorite attraction - not only for children. It is a great idea for adults, too - especially if they plan something new for an evening with friends. Trampolines will change team sports, like basketball, completely - you can jump your hits away! They will also help you come up with new games and sports limited only by your imagination. Trampoline park may be interesting also for professionals. Special acrobatic trampolines will help to complete everyday training. And those who practice parkour may develop their skills in the space designed especially for them. There are also trampolines for dancers and the fans of street workout.

Where do we jump?

The first trampoline park - Jump Hell was opened on Szybowcowa 31, near Park Zachodni. It is easy to get by tram, lines: 3, 10, 20 and 33 from the most popular locations in the city. One hour of such attraction is PLN 26, and group tickets are significantly cheaper. The second option is Go Jump on Jana Długosza 59-75. The prices are similar. One hour is PLN 29-33, depending on whether you buy tickets online or at the location.