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posted December 29, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


New Year’s Eve in Wroclaw, a party like no other

This New Year’s Party on Wroclaw’s Rynek is truly unique. Instead of stars and celebrities who usually perform on this type of events, this year we will see only those who are really connected with the city. What is more, the concerts take place on two stages: one of which is the Brain and the other the Heart of the celebration. Check out what is about to happen on the last night of 2016.
New Year’s party in Wroclaw is a tradition. Up till now it was always organized in collaboration with Polish Television and it often used to be the biggest in the whole country. This year is an exception: the celebration happens without the participation of TVP2. The independent organization inspired the creation of a unique event celebrating the end of 2016 and the beginning of the New Year. This year’s party is supervised by the director of Teatr Capitol, Konrad Imiela.

The Brain and the Heart of the event

The specialty of this year is the division of the party into two places, two scenes where Wroclaw’s artists will perform. One is placed on Plac Golebi and it is the Brain of the New Year’s Eve Party, the other one, the Heart of the event, is on Plac Solny. The Brain will host the following artists: Frühstück, Miloopa, Teart Muzyczny Capitol with their songs from the ‘Rat Pack’ performance and L.U.C. with the Rebel Babel orchestra. At the Heart of the night, we can listen to: Blade Loki, Micromiusik, Alicja Janosz and guests, Mesajah and Girls on Fire. If you are not familiar with the artists, let us give you some basic information. Each one makes original music, different to what we can typically hear in the radio. There is a little bit of hip-hop, a bit of punk rock, reggae and some strong female voices. Finally, during the New Year’s Eve Party we have a chance to hear the biggest in Poland concert of Tibetan gongs, which closes the celebration.

Not only the music

The music is accompanied with the visual this year. On the facades of Wroclaw’s tenement houses there is a show of photographs and clips presenting the year of the European Capital of Culture. This special New Year’s Party is about to sum up the whole ECC in Wroclaw. It was a truly special year, worth a farewell full of beautiful memories. This year’s party will commence the new cycle of “New Year’s Party in Wroclaw. With Wroclaw”.
Celebrations in Wroclaw start at 7 p.m. Real crowds are expected, so make sure to keep that in mind when planning your night. The party ends at app. 1 a.m. And even though we will not see it on public TV, there will be a live transmission on the main webpage of Wirtualna Polska and on certain channels of cable TV.