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posted May 8, 2014 in category Party hard


How to get to the Beer Paradise? - Survival Guide

Want to dig into the beer culture and try the best beers from Wroclaw and around the world? Wonder how to do it and what to keep in mind? Survival guide to Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is here to help you!

V Wroclaw Good Beer Festival is the perfect place to taste whole range of different beers, meet other foreigners and have fun! But how can you get there and what should you pay attention to?


On the Road

I totally understand all the problems with the navigation in the city, especially if you are relatively new to it. No worries! Here is the precise step by step description of your possible route to the festive weekend.

This year the festival will take place on the Municipal Stadium of Wroclaw, which is situated on Aleja Śląska 1. The enterance to the festive zone will be from Królewiecka street. There are several ways for you to reach the venue:
BUSES: 103 (direction Pracze Odrzanskie), 128 (direction Pilczyce), 403 (direction Leśnica), 435 (direction Rędzińska)
TRAMS: 3 (direction - Pilczyce), 10 (direction - Leśnica), 20 (direction - Leśnica), 31 and 32 (direction Stadium Wroclaw - Królewiecka), 33 (direction - Pilczyce)
For easy navigation of public transportation use Jak Dojade. Just type your address or closest bus/tram stop into section A and insert “Stadion Miejski” into section B. The most convenient route would appear along with the time schedule.
It is also possible to get to the Good Beer Festival by train. Most of the regio trains (which go to Głogów, Ścinawa, Zielona Gora) stop at the station “Wroclaw Stadium”. Hop off there and walk to the venue.


On the venue

Now you know how to get to the place but what should you pay attention to when you are on the spot?

1.    GET A MAP
At the gates you will be able to get free festival map with the description of attractions and stations inside for the easy navigation. Great news! We are organizing “International Zone” at the festival, where foreigners will be able to gather up, chit-chat and have fun! We are happy to invite and meet you there! Saturday and Sunday from 3PM till late :) Find us on the map below - in English.

(click for high resolution)

2.    I AM 18!
Since beer is alcoholic beverage the document which proves your age could be asked, so don’t forget it in the back pocket of some jeans you left home for laundry. Also kids are allowed to enter the festival with adults; special “Kids zone” will be organized in order for children to have fun too. The festival is great for everybody!

There are so many sorts of beer to try at the festival. But how could you try more and not get wasted? Organizers advice you to buy the Festival Glass which has 0,2l measurement on it. This amount is perfect to feel the flavor of the beverage and try many of them! This year you can purchase a fancy Teku glass - worth to have it :)

Wroclaw Good Beer Festival offers not only beer tasting, but music concerts, culinary stations and internal events, such as Wroclaw Brewing Workshop and Historical Stock Market on Saturday and tournament games on Sunday.

Since the festival take place outdoor, there is a slight chance of rain trying to get into our plans. But no worries! There are plenty of umbrellas and tents to cover you from the bad weather.
No matter what surprises Mother Nature could bring us during the festival days, one thing we know for sure – the fest will be fun!

Those are the most important things to pay attention to before enjoying the beer at the biggest fest in Wroclaw. If you have any additional questions about V Wroclaw Good Beer Festival check out the official website.

Brace yourself! Beer is coming!


Author: Michal Hajdasz


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