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posted July 20, 2017


The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw – it's time for the sport's competition

This year Wroclaw hosts a unique sport event. The World Games in the capital of the Lower Silesia will  be attended by 3.5 thousand sportsmen from 112 countries. Form the 20th to the 30th of July they will compete in many uncommon contests. Check out what the city has to offer during this exceptional game festival.

The World Games always take place a year after the Summer Olympics. The event was organized form the first time in 1981 in Santa Clara, USA, and became tradition. The sportsmen compete against each other in various non-Olympic sports such as sumo, Frisbee, beach ball, bowling, kickboxing, fin-swimming or billiard. There are 31 different sports to learn about and to see from the 20th to the 30th of July. In 2017, Wroclaw hosts this sport event. The preparations lasted for a few years and the sport festival will be a huge test for the city. New sports arenas, which were built especially for this occasion, are about to attract crowds of people in need of the sport enthusiasm.
The 20th of July is the opening day of the World Games 2017. In the city stadium there will be a large concert which officially starts the sport festival. The star of the concert is Radzimir „Jimek” Dębski, who became popular for mixing the hip hop music with the symphonic music.
Each day and on various sport arenas of Wroclaw, the sportsmen will be competing for championships in the most uncommon sports. As many as 3.5 thousand champions of different kinds of sports will visit the city. All information about the World Games, the program and the ticket availability is provided here: https://theworldgames2017.com/en/.