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posted March 13, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


New museum in Wroclaw

Who said that visiting a museum has to be boring? In Wroclaw has just appeared a new place which will allow you to spend an unusual day with your friends. You must see Wroclaw’s wax figures. Michael Jackson is waiting for you just next to ... the Penguins of Madagascar. About 70 forms of contemporary culture and heroes of the most popular films are to be met in Wroclaw.
You haven’t seen that before! The wax figure museum was founded in Wroclaw and it has been open since the beginning of 2017, so it is still a novelty on the entertainment map of Lower Silesia. Currently, there are about 70 characters just waiting to have a photo with you. They are primarily the fairytale characters: Shrek, King Julian, Elsa from Frozen, but we can also meet: Jack Sparrow, George Michael and Lady Gaga.  Wytwórnia Figur Woskowych offers a high level of realism and close attention to detail in their figures from the world of pop culture.
The museum of wax figures is dedicated primarily to the youngest, but adults who never cease to be children will also enjoy the attractions offered here. Everyone would like to spend time in the Shrek’s cabin or sit on the bike with E.T. The founders of the museum emphasize that their main purpose is children's education, so they made sure to set a historical nook and prepared the offer of sculpting workshops for children. At the same time, the venue may be rented for a unique corporate event - especially with the restaurant’s tempting  menu.
Wroclaw’s Wax Figure Museum is mainly about the positive characters everyone knows. The founders do not plan to introduce the world of politics to this place, but there are plans to expand the collection with the figures of people associated with the city. Wytwórnia Figur Woskowych is located on Nowa Street no. 2 in Wroclaw. The place presenting such a specific kind of art is worth visiting -  the sight of favorite characters from fairy tales puts a smile of every face, doesn’t it?