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posted January 2, 2017 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Can you move out of a rented housing before the contractual tenancy period has lapsed?

It may happen that the apartment you are renting does not really meet your expectations, you do not like the neighborhood, or just want to live closer to your workplace. You would like to move out, but your tenancy period lasts a year. What can you do in such a situation and is it possible to move out before the year has passed?
Sometimes the tenants simply do not feel good in the rented housing. Despite their initial content, they change their minds and consider moving out. Usually they just want to pay less money or change the location, e.g. when commuting takes too much time. Other reasons for changing apartments before the due time include loud neighbors, noisy area and conflicts or misunderstandings with the landlord. Regardless of the reasons, we should find the way how to change apartments. Tenancy contracts are usually concluded for a one-year-long period of time. If terminated earlier, the tenant should pay the contractual penalty, often specified in the contract. It may be the amount of a monthly rent or its multiple.
Unfortunately, there is no way to ignore the provisions of the tenancy contract and simply move out. The only solution is a serious conversation with the landlord where you can explain the reasons for housing change. It is possible that the landlord agrees to let you move out of the rented apartment if you can find a person who comes in your place. Preparing of the advertisement and searching for the new tenant are your responsibility then. If you have rented the apartment with the assistance of an agency, you can ask your agent for help. But remember that it is only the good will of the landlord and your argumentation which allow you to go through the changing process smoothly.

Don’t rush the decisions, take your time

A rushed decision is often the reason why tenants are not happy with their rented housing. If after coming to Poland a person learns that finding an apartment in the city center that fits their budget is not an easy thing to do, they make quick (and often imprudent) decisions. They accept housing which they are not sure of, e.g. because of the price or the apartment conditions. The only way to avoid this kind of behavior is to start the search earlier and collect information about the local rent market. What is more, it often turns out that remote rent is much more effective. You choose the housing in advance and book it until the moment your arrival. The real estate agent will make the initial decision for you. But if they know exactly what you want, they will choose the right place. All in all, the agent is there to make you happy and their professionalism is the only way that can take them there.
There is no special method which allow you to find a perfect rental housing. Even though the agent’s role is to find an offer that meets your expectations, things can change unexpectedly, e.g. new, loud and disturbing neighbors will move in. A well-informed and well-considered decision, however, is the first step to reach the goal. Think about what exactly you are looking for, what are your needs, what you just will not tolerate and contact Renting Zone. We can show you why living at the Main Square is not the only possibility, answer your questions about costs, and make sure to facilitate your contact with a Polish-speaking landlord. We are here to help you get comfortable in the new city!