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posted September 19, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Meet Sir Thaddeus

If you are not familiar with this name yet, it is high time to change that. Wroclaw offers a great opportunity to learn more about the Polish national epic and its author. Muzeum Pana Tadeusza [The Museum of Sir Thaddeus] proves that the literary work which is usually associated with school reading assignment may be presented in an encouraging way. “Sir Thaddeus” original manuscript is awaiting new guests.


From the beginning of May, there is a museum in the capital of Lower Silesia which has already become an important landmark on the literary map of the city. It was opened thanks to Ossolineum, one of the most important cultural institutes in Poland, which is famous for their precious collections of literary works. One of them is a real treasure: the manuscript of “Sir Thaddeus” by Adam Mickiewicz. The author started working on this piece in 1832. Thanks to the Museum of Sir Thaddeus, you can see the manuscript bind in red leather, the memoir from 19th century and the symbol of Polish literature of the romantic era. You will also learn about its history, which is presented in a truly modern way.

What you should know is that “Sir Thaddeus” is for many Polish people a school reading assignment, and not the favorite one. We all had to learn its fragments by heart, and children have been rebelling for years against reading of this poetic work. But the language, style and historical background prove the fact that Adam Mickiewicz created a real masterpiece. All experts researching the author’s literary work know that. And it was due to them that the museum proves the fact that “Sir Thaddeus” deserves the title of Polish national epic.

The museum is full of multimedia exhibits relating to the era. But the interactive rooms are not directed only to young people. On the area of 4.000 sq. m. there are treasures which allow the visitors to get to know more about Poland in that era, its literature and stories full of romantic fever.  The entry tickets prices are: PLN 20 per regular price ticket, and the reduced price ticket is PLN 10. Families get special discounts. Groups enter the museum every 15 minutes, so that the museum rooms do not get crowded. The Museum of Sir Thaddeus is located in Kamienica pod Złotym Słońcem, Rynek no. 6.