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posted April 11, 2018 in category Living in Wroclaw


Season 2018 opening at Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse – our big event

7 races (international members), several dozen riders, flat and hurdle racing and the most spectacular steeplechase – the commencement of this year’s horse racing season at Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse on Sunday 15 April 2018 will be packed with entertainment. As the opening ceremony approaches, be prepared for great sports emotions. The amazing Thoroughbred horses – real champions of the horse racing world – will race at up to 60 kilometres per hour! There will also be an equestrian vaulting show, pony rides for children and the music performance of Dixie Tigers Band. The event will start at 14.00 and the entry is free.
The steeplechase and the flat and hurdle racing - ,,F1 Champions”: Thoroughbreds
On Sunday 15 April, the horses will run in 7 different races: 4 flat races, 2 hurdle races (the hurdles will be set up on the route) and 2 steeplechase (on the inner circle). The distance will vary, depending on horses’ age: the younger ones will run for up to 1600m and the older ones for up to 3800m. In 2013, Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse introduced Thoroughbreds – the fastest horses in the world, raised in the United Kingdom over 300 years ago, especially for racing. At a gallop, with a rider, they reach the speed of 60 kilometres per hour (the highest recorded speed 69km/h). Thoroughbred horses are not only the fastest, but usually bigger than other breeds (such as Arabian horses).
The opening ceremony – much more than just horse racing
The hosts prepared many attractions for that day. Between the races, there will be an equestrian vaulting act, a very spectacular show of gymnastic exercises on a horse in movement, performed by Tomasz Ogonowski – Polish champion. Children will have an opportunity to ride a pony, provided by Partynice Riding School. The musical setting will also be taken care of, thanks to Pixie Tigers Band and their New Orlean Jazz set. The band plays famous hits (such as When the Saints, Hello Dolly, Summertime) as well as popular Polish tunes (Sex-appeal, Va Banque).
Smart and stylish meets relaxing atmosphere
Visiting the racecourse is a great opportunity to perform in a chic and smart outfit. The dress code is not obligatory, although the promoters encourage everyone to wear stylish clothes. The ladies may wear long skirts, dresses and polish the look with hats and fascinators. Gentlemen may pick a shirt, jacket and the necktie option. The whole Sunday event usually lasts for up to 6 hours and on the whole course (over 70 hectares) there will be a chilling, picnic atmosphere. It all creates a perfect opportunity to spend a great family Sunday – together with exciting sports emotions.
Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse – an unique object in Poland
People of Wroclaw city are lucky, as they are enabled to watch horse races regularly. Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse is one of three racecourses in Poland (along with Warsaw Służewiec and Sopot Hippodrome) and the only one organizing the steeplechase, which attracts riders, referees and fans from all around the world. The racecourse also features a lovely and stylish vintage architecture – the cosy tearoom building or the wooden grandstand, built in 1907, are the real gems of 20th century architecture, often chosen as a favorite background for the pictures.
Did you know?

  • The average weight of a racing horse is 450 kg.
  • The racing  horse’s heart weighs 4 kg and beats 40 times per minute; during the race, the heart rate is 240 beats per minute.
  • Thoroughbred horses reach the speed of 60 kilometres per hour (the highest recorded speed was 69km/h).
  • At a gallop, a horse runs for up to 4,5m during one cycle.
  • The racing horse’s psyche is very sensitive, that is why some of them wear special protection (a sack on their heads with eye holes) during races.
  • In order to become the jockey, a rider needs to win at least 100 races in their career.
  • The rider’s weight depends on the race – from 48 to 63 kg in flat chasing and 60 to 70 in steeplechase.
  • During the race, riders need to position their bodies in an aerodynamic way and also follow the horse’s rhythm.
  • To race horses, one needs to be truly courageous; jockeys and F1 champions’ personalities are very alike.
Season 2018 opening at Wroclaw Partynice Racecourse
ul. Zwycięska 2, 53-033 Wrocław
15.04.2018 (Sunday), free entry