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posted December 13, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Last weekend of Wroclaw as the European Capital of Culture – farewell time

For the whole year Wroclaw has been promoting art of all kinds. European Capital of Culture has become a true festival of artistic values. In December we will be celebrating a special closing this whole-year-event. The weekend of 15-18 December seems to be an amazing time for the art-lovers.
The last month of the European Capital of Culture in Wroclaw is the time to reminiscent about the year full to artistic attractions. The city is preparing a ceremony for the special farewell of the European Capital of Culture 2016. In Hala Stulecia the multiperformance “Niebo” realized by Chris Baldwin, the performances curator, takes place. You can see it on 17 December at 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. The day before they are holding the final rehearsal which is open for everyone to see.
The closing weekend, 15-18 December, is also the Open Art Days. Everyone who would like to experience the last moments of the ECC in Wroclaw can visit exhibitions for free, e.g. ‘Photography never dies’ at the Central Station, and the Summer Rental with a large discount. The fans of music may take part in the two music festivals: Festiwal Przyjazni and WROsound or plan an evening at the Wroclaw Opera. There is the premiere of ‘The Troubadour’ by Guiseppe Verdi.

Exhibitions, concerts, performances and film shows – all that has already taken place during the hosting of the ECC 2016. And even though the title will be passed to the other city, the capital of the Lower Silesia will not be missing art in the years to come for sure. 2016 was just the introduction to many new attractions. What did you enjoy the most about the ECC 2016? Make sure to share your experiences with us.