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posted March 7, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


CreativeMornings in Wrocław

Creative breakfasts - the new tradition in Wroclaw, which you can participate in. The idea came  to the capital of Lower Silesia from New York and this inspiring initiative brings together more than 160 cities around the world. The organizers invite us all every month for a breakfast which can boost your energy level for the rest of the day - mainly because of an interesting guest. Learn more about CreativeMornings!
Since the beginning of the year, in Wroclaw, the CreativeMornings meetings cycle has been taking place. This means that the capital of Lower Silesia is currently the only city in Poland participating in the initiative which comes from New York. The idea of ​​inspiring morning meetings was initiated by Tina Roth Eisenberg, a designer and blogger. Since then, she managed to promote this idea in the whole world. In Wroclaw, the first meeting was held in January. The guest is always someone connected with the city, so you have a chance to meet new people and listen to histories which can be heard only in this part of the world.

What’s it really about?

CreativeMornings are brief meetings on Friday morning, held once a month. The idea is to have a breakfast together, make new acquaintances and find inspiration, and then return to work or other responsibilities with new energy. The main point is the participation of a guest: of an interesting personality, history, charisma, distinctive storytelling ability. The theme is different every month, but every time there is a phrase interpreted in different ways by the organizers of CreativeMornings worldwide.

Creative in Wrocław

The first meeting in Wroclaw was attended by Grzegorz Bral - the founder of Teatr Piesni Kozla and the artistic director of the Brave Festival. The key word of  the meeting was "Mystery", so the stories told by the guest allowed the participants to seek answers to questions about the mystery of life. February 17, CreativeMornings meeting was held by Patricia Obara - a linguist, and specialist in the field of soft skills, known for her presentations at TEDx. That meeting was unique because of its form: the speech was beautifully mixed with the music. What are we about to experience in March? It is still a secret, but the organizers keep everyone informed about the dates on Facebook - it is a good idea to follow their fanpage.
Meetings are free, it is enough to simply register. CreativeMornings meetings always take place on Friday at 8.30, so on Monday before the meeting, the registration starts. The key word is always released at the beginning of the month, and then the organizers set the date, place and inform who  will feature a morning breakfast. Meetings are held in Polish language, but the videos with English subtitles are available on-line.
Useful links:
Fanpage of Creative Mornings Wrocław: https://www.facebook.com/cmwro/         Videos from the meetings with English subtitles: https://creativemornings.com/cities/wro