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Odra River Day – celebrate in Wroclaw


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http://makse.com/?kremel=hookup-34&48a=4f Odra is one of the most beautiful Polish rivers. Wroclaw citizens love to enjoy its presence, spend time at its banks, relax there. On 22 April we are celebrating its holiday! It creates the perfect opportunity to meet friends and try some delicacies from the best food trucks.  

If you live in Wroclaw, you know that Odra’s boulevards are the best on sunny day, for sport, or just for a simple walk. Now, we have the best excuse to celebrate by the river: Odra Day is planned for 22 April. There is no better date than the International Earth Day to gather by the river which floats through Wroclaw and is an inherent element of the city landscape. The citizens seem to value the river more and more in their everyday life, sailing and water sports are also growing in popularity. It is important to gradually increase the recreation areas at the river, so that its potential is fully used and appreciated.

The organizers of the event ensure that everyone will be able to find an interesting attraction during the holiday. It is definitely difficult to even imagine an event in Wroclaw without the delicacies served from the food trucks – this time we are enjoying interesting dishes on the river bank. The Odra Day celebrations start on Saturday, 22 April, at 11 a.m. on the Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard.