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posted April 26, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Sightseeing Wroclaw at night

The time of the Night of Museums is approaching fast. It offers a unique opportunity to see interesting museums’ collections, learn about the history of the art and many fun facts, not only concerning Poland and the Lower Silesia. A night walk around Wroclaw is an excellent idea on 14th May. The city prepares real treats for this occasion.
The night of museums was first organized in Berlin in 1997. Since then, it has become a European celebration of culture. As many as 120 cities from Europe take part in it every year. The cities organize interesting events which attract tourists and inspire curiosity about the city. Wroclaw, of course, also organized night sightseeing which attracts crowds every year. Did you know that last year 100 thousand people took part in the celebration?

Wonders and fashion
You must plan a visit in the City Hall to see the exhibition ‘7 Wonders of Wroclaw’. This is the last opportunity to witness beautiful history of the capital of the Lower Silesia in such an amazing form. The pre-premiere show of ‘Modna i już! Moda PRL’ [Just fashionable! Fashion in the Communist Period] also seems to be a treat. Thanks to the show you can get familiar with the specific style of the second part of 20th century in Poland. The exhibition is not dedicated only to women: uncommon outfits and fashion ideas of that time are fun to see for everyone.  Such events happen only in the National Museum.
17 meridian
You would never guess the connection between Wroclaw’s area of Partynice, Śląsk Wroclaw Stadium, Millennial Bridge and the Mathematic Tower!  All those are located on the 17th meridian. An association under that name has planned the whole series on open-air events for Wroclaw’s Night of Museums. Artists will move to the line to the meridian to highlight this unique quality of the city. The opening starts on the hill of Wzgorze Gajowickie, at Krucza and Hallera streets at 2 p.m.
The alchemy of Wroclaw
History of art, culture and design are not the only attractions of the Night of Museums. We can also take the direction to the medieval alchemy workshop. In the Museum of Pharmacy we can see even more: a renaissance pharmacy and a pharmaceutical office. We will also be able to learn more about the secrets of chemistry and learn about the production of medicines. The museum is located in Kurzy Targ, next to Rynek.
The Night of Museums attracts real crowds every year. This is the only night when we can visit all the museums, galleries and exhibitions in the city for free or at little budget. And so everyone wants to enjoy the occasion. The nearest night of culture and art is on 14 May. If you want to go, make sure to prepare for the crowds of visitors. That is why it is important to have a strategic plan: choose the places you really want to see. Maybe our suggestions will be useful? This is just a fraction of what there is to see, so for sure you will find something interesting for you.