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posted June 29, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


MaluMika means creative leisure

Are you fed up with evenings when you hang out with friends over a beer which are always the same? Want to spend time more creatively? Try something new? We have a great suggestion for you. MaluMika is a newly-opened place located in the heart of Wroclaw, which you WILL enjoy. Take your friends, children and try to make your own, unique ceramics.

You have probably never painted ceramics, have you? Until only recently, neither did we. And we would never expect to have so much fun over such an activity. But with the original atmosphere that this place offers, everyone will get inspired... and will be able to forget for a moment that their name is not Picasso. Do you need more to try this novelty? Ok, here we go.

Have fun and take a souvenir

When you are done with your work, you just need to wait a moment and your cup, plate or other ceramic gadget will be fired on the site. Done! Now you can take your art home. Trust us - painting your new-favorite cup is a real pleasure. But the fun is still ahead of you. When you sit in your home, calm and quiet, take a sip of your beloved tea of coffee from that cup, the memories of meeting with friends and making of this cup pop into your mind. Can your Ikea cup do that?

Lack of ideas for a perfect gift?

Small, but special? Well, there many occasions when a small present would be just perfect. You have probably wondered about it more than once. Now the solution is easy and unique. Your own, handmade cup, painted with a specific person in mind is an extraordinary gift which will be appreciated for sure. And you have a chance to make it and spend time in an amazing, international atmosphere - you may get inspired by a new friend from the other side of the globe.

See you in MaluMika!

The aura of MaluMika makes it impossible to get bored, regardless of your age. The place is obviously children-friendly, dedicated to them too, so take them with you! And no worries, they don’t have to wait as long as we do for their first work of art.  

Visit Facebook profile: MaluMika
Address: Jagiełły street 3/5 Wrocław