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posted June 16, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Let’s play badminton!

Probably everyone is already familiar with this activity: we play on the beach, yard, park.. But not everyone knows that it has been an Olympic sport since 1988.
Recreational sport for everyone

Recreational version of this sport is suitable for everyone. The equipment, meaning the racquet and a shuttlecock (also known as a bird or birdy) is available in every supermarket in good price. Apart from the equipment, you just need a pair of comfortable shoes, some open space, and you’re ready to play. Badminton is an easy sport which improves the conditioning with little risk of possible contusion.


The idea of the game is to strike the bird over the net. If you play just for fun, you don’t need the net: you can score with the number of strikes or draw an improvised court.
Regular, professional championships are organized in different parts of the globe, and probably not a lot of people know that the record speed the bird was strucked with is 421 km/h!
Professional game takes place on a badminton court. You can compete as a single player or in doubles. The net is fitted at 1.5 m of height. The player scores a point when his opponent is not able to strike the shuttlecock before it lands on his side of the court or when the shuttlecock lands on player’s field after he had just strucked it. Each game is played to 21 points and the match finishes after two games won by one player. 

Let’s play!

In Wroclaw we can play badminton wherever we don’t pose a threat to the surroundings J However, it is recommended to go to a park or a sport pitch next to a school, the so-called “Orlik”. What is more, Wroclaw has its own professional badminton league. There are places with divided badminton courts (the building of Wroclaw’s University of Physical Education, Hasta la Vista on Robotnicza Street, Machpoint in Slęza, City Sports on Zakrzowska Street).