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site de rencontre avec video posted February 22, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Change the perspective - Wroclaw from the bird’s eye view

what are the advantages and disadvantages of relative and radiometric dating From the tram, from the train, from the outside, and from the above - wherever you stand to look at it, Wroclaw is always impressive. There are certain places worth visiting in order to see the city from a different perspective. Although the landscape is quite plain, the architecture has lots to offer ...

rencontre willow oz posted December 3, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 13] Speak Polish like a boss

watch “Witaj we Wrocławiu” or Welcome to Wroclaw. Sit down comfortably and try to memorize a few useful expressions in the new language. This is not a phrase book, but some practical guidelines for the beginning of life in a new place. Any questions or suggestions? Let us know!

http://josiart.at/rete/12076 posted November 19, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 11] The Black gold

http://bti-defence.com/esp/ Coffee is a delicacy and a ritual...   Roasted or not, flavored, with milk or solo... We can get a headache just looking at all the possibilities! And this is definitely not what we aim for - here are some places in Wroclaw where the coffee is particularly good.

click posted October 2, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 3] Tips for foreigners

http://teentube.cz/?ertye=actores-solteros-de-mexico&bac=49 You’ve landed in Wroclaw. What now? Do you now costs of living in your new city? We present a few tips for you. Try them now.


Getaway at the lake

Does the city heat get unbearable to you? It’s not surprising – the summer is in its peak. And the fact that you are spending this season in Wroclaw does not mean that you cannot relax on the beach. Here is a handful of suggestions for a weekend break which will give you an energy boost.& ...

posted June 16, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Let’s play badminton!

Probably everyone is already familiar with this activity: we play on the beach, yard, park.. But not everyone knows that it has been an Olympic sport since 1988. Recreational sport for everyone

posted January 13, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Winter weekend in Karpacz!

Weekends in the winter are truly special in Lower Silesia. You just have plan the trip to the mountains which are so close to Wroclaw. Karpacz is a real winter resort and mandatory place to highlight on your tourist map.

posted November 18, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Wroclaw's Christmas Market - the magical place to be

Wroclaw is full of magic and charm and its atmosphere has already seduced many. But at the end of November it changes into an even more beautiful city. All that thanks to the Christmas Fair. Mulled wine, traditional Polish cheese - oscypek - with cranberries and truly festive vibe - all that is to be ...

posted July 29, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Keep calm and poleguj

Centre of the city, you can feel the heat sizzling, and you get more and more tired… Lie down with comfort – legally, sober (or not), and in great company (of cultured people). It seems that in the summer, we can idle outside with impunity. Polegiwacz [„The Lounger”] – ...

posted March 21, 2014 in category Party hard


Soup of the day – beer soup in ZUP

If you think that entering a pub and ordering a beer is a piece of cake, you are very wrong. If you believe that beer is just a nice addition to conversation with your friends, and it does not require any knowledge, Zakład Usług Piwnych will change this view.

posted March 13, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Your first flat in Wroclaw – true story

Destination: Wroclaw! New job, studies maybe? Well, you have to find accommodation. How to deal with this problem in a strange city and foreign language? Here is the whole truth (or the half of it) on flat searching in Wroclaw.