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posted November 19, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 11] The Black gold

Coffee is a delicacy and a ritual...   Roasted or not, flavored, with milk or solo... We can get a headache just looking at all the possibilities! And this is definitely not what we aim for - here are some places in Wroclaw where the coffee is particularly good.

Cafe Borówka

Where? On Świdnicka Street no. 38a.
This is one of my favorite places on Świdnicka Street in Wroclaw, and it is a very popular place, but due to the fact that the cafe is quite large, you can always find a free table. The number of different types of coffee they offer is really impressive - starting with espresso, cappuccino, latte, frozen coffees to flavored ones, or with a syrup splash, with whipped cream or solo, strong and aromatic. Everyone will find their perfect choice. This place is great for meetings - even if you have a large group of friends. And the summer garden on the rooftop is yet another of their attractions. It’s also worth mentioning that apart from coffee, Cafe Borówka serves ice cream, cakes and many other dainties.


Where? On Więzienna Street no. 21
Africa awaits us in the very heart of Wroclaw’s city center. We can try there different coffees form all over the world - not only form Africa, as the name would suggest. After choosing the type and flavor of your coffee, you can also decide on the brewing method, its strength, amount of milk... Don’t know what’s the difference between coffee form Jamajka and coffee form Peru? No worries, the baristas know their job and will happily assist you in your decisions. So as the result, you’ll not only enjoy the taste of great coffee, but it will also be served exactly as you wish. This private (quite small) cafe makes a perfect place to sip your coffee peacefully - alone or with your fiends.


Where? On Kiełbaśnicza Street No. 2
K2 is a cafe and a tea-house combined. It is located in Wroclaw’s Old Town, and although the offer may not be as wide as in the previously mentioned cafes, this place has an unrepeatable atmosphere. Stylish interiors and beautifully located garden make iced coffee taste especially good. What else can you find here? Apart form many types of tea and yerba mate, there are flavored and frozen coffees, espresso, and many others. If only the weather allows it, it is really worth to have your drink in the garden located on their patio, surrounded with historical tenement houses.

Pieprz i Wanilia [Pepper and Vanilla]

Where? On Kutnowska Street No. 1
Just next to Południowy Park, there is Pieprz i Wanilia restaurant. Just as in the case of K2, the coffee - although already very good one - benefits form the atmosphere of the place. The location and design make it a perfect cafe to have your little black coffee - especially after the long walk. I recommend planning the afternoon in such a way that you get a chance to look around the southern part of Wroclaw, and if you decide to do so, visiting Pieprz i Wanilia should be the perfect finale of your day.
Coffee itself is an amazing delicacy, but it tastes even better when you’re in good company. Each of the places I suggested offers wonderful coffee and unique atmosphere, and only the combination of the two can make the relaxing time with a cup of coffee something truly special. Each of those places is different. Coffee fans will probable choose an uncommon combination of coffee beans, others may go for the ‘social’ character to the drink. And you - do you have your favorite ‘coffee place’?