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posted July 28, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Getaway at the lake

Does the city heat get unbearable to you? It’s not surprising – the summer is in its peak. And the fact that you are spending this season in Wroclaw does not mean that you cannot relax on the beach. Here is a handful of suggestions for a weekend break which will give you an energy boost.

The out of town getaways may be called Wroclaw’s traditions. Everyone has their favorite place where they go with their family or friends every time the city heat takes its toll on them. And everyone would list all the advantages their place has.... and the drawbacks? Non-existent! You can try it on you own. Or use our help and choose the destination that suits you best.


Nyskie Lake, known also as Glebinowskie Lake, is located really close to Wroclaw. The easiest way to get there is by car - most of the time you drive on A4 highway. There are also trains and buses from Wroclaw to Nysa. But beware that if you choose to use public transport, you will have to take a walk from the city centre to the lake. This place is perfect for a weekend trip with friends. Sandy beaches, great tourist facilities and reasonable prices attract a lot of people every year.  So if you want to rent a bungalow, you have to make sure to book it in advance, as this is a very popular practice. The lake itself and surrounding areas have  a lot to offer to the fans of active leisure: there are water equipment rentals, beach volleyball courts, cross country traits and many more. And if you are into fishing, you’ll also appreciate the location - the water is clean and stocked with fry. In our opinion, this is one of the best locations near Wroclaw if you want to relax and have some fun by the water.


Another destination popular among Wroclaw citizens. This large, natural lake is to be found only 30 km west from Wroclaw. The access is best if you drive in the direction of Swidnica. But if you do not own a vehicle, don’t give up on this place - you can also get there by train. Mietkow is considered the water sport capital of Lower Silesia, and due to the conditions it offers, it is an ideal location for active timespending. You can try sailing, windsurfing, kayaking or use a pedalo. You can also just take your family and friends, go for a nice swim and relax at the lake shore. Just as Nyskie Lake, the lake in Mietkow may be also recommended to anglers. Regardless of weather you prefer to practice some sport or just want to escape from the city hustle and bustle, Mietkow should meet your expectations.

Bialy Kosciol

Bialy Kosciol has one great advantage: easy access, not only by car, but also by bus (with a change in Strzelin) and train. Everyone who wants to relax there should find a way to get to there. The location comprises two lakes - clean, stocked with fry, with numerous tourist facilities. If you decide to stay for a weekend, you can rent a bungalow for you and your friends. It is impossible to get bored there. Not only you can rent water equipment and swim or fish in the lake, but there are also well-maintained cross country tourist and cycle traits.  It is a really good idea to take a walk around the surrounding areas and see crystal clear water in the old quarries located nearby.
These are only some of the places we recommend for a summer weekend at the lake. Do you know any others? Where do your friends go when summer in the city gets unbearable? And when you get a chance to visit the place we described above, remember: have fun, relax... and make sure to send us a pic!