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posted July 29, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Keep calm and poleguj

Centre of the city, you can feel the heat sizzling, and you get more and more tired… Lie down with comfort – legally, sober (or not), and in great company (of cultured people). It seems that in the summer, we can idle outside with impunity. Polegiwacz [„The Lounger”] – in Wroclaw only.
Polegiwacz is a new summer attraction of the city. It’s a unique construction, which appeared next to the Museum of Architecture, designed by a young artist Mikołaj Smoleński. Its name is difficult to translate – it is a funny pun purposefully, but we can try to describe the meaning as a place where you can lie down, lounge, laze, so we can call it a „lounger”, but it is actually more about „lying down for a while”. In addition, in Polish, the word „polec” means also „to fall” – but don’t worry, we only fall into relax there.

The concept of lounging

The idea was really simple: it was about creating a place where you could really rest, even in such a busy city as Wroclaw. And city benches are not always enough – sitting is what we do all day long!

But lying down comfortably in the shade of leaves is a great solution for a moment of relax after work or a break during the day – especially if you hold a cold beer in your hand. Usually, this is not what we can do in the city centre, and the Arch Box project was directed especially to tourists visiting the city. Certainly, it is not about a simple laze, „polegiwanie” has its purpose – it’s the moment when the greatest and finest ideas appear in our minds. It is safe to say that the Lower Silesia has its first special space for creative lounging around.

Sweet Idleness

The wooden construction is covered with soft pillows, and the chill-outers may rest as they please, and with whom or what they please. In the afternoons, the space is crowded with young people. The atmosphere got even more chill-out-friendly thanks to Cafe Sztuczki [Tricks Café], which moved to the vicinity of the Museum of Architecture for the summer. Thus, you can lounge with a cup of good coffee and a sweet desert.
Polegiwacz is available for everyone, for free, and through the whole holiday period. So, up till August 31st, you definitely have a chance to rest in the horizontal position in the city centre. If you’re out of plans for the evening or want to grab a coffee in the afternoon, lie down comfortably, relax, and chill…

Author: Katarzyna Bugryn