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posted October 2, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 3] Tips for foreigners

You’ve landed in Wroclaw. What now?

The only daily bus arriving to the airport is the bus no. 406 which appears app. every 30 minutes. If you arrive late, there is a night bus which arrives app. every hour. Both will take you to the city centre, close to the train station.
You can also take a taxi and the average cost of a trip to the centre is app. 70-100 PLN.
Once you have arrived to the station, you have an easy access to each part of the city by a bus or a tram. You can also use a helpful app for your smartphone: Jak Dojade which is available in English language.

How much does housing in Wroclaw cost?
For decent standard of furnishing and close distance to the city center you should expect to pay for:


  • single room – no less than 600PLN, including utilities

  • double room – no less than 900PLN, including utilities

  • studio apartment – no less than 1500PLN, including utilities

  • apartment with one bedroom – no less than 1600PLN, including utilities

  • apartment with two bedroom – no less then 2000PLN, including utilities

Which parts of the city have the best connections with the centre?
  • The Old Town (Stare Miasto), Leginicka Street, Grabiszyńska Street and surrounding areas

  • Śródmieście (Downtown) and Nadodrze: Jedności Narodowej Street, Poniatowskiego Street and surrounding areas

  • Grunwald


Where do we party?
  • Pasaż Niepolda (Niepolda Arcade) – Wroclaw’s hub of clubs and pubs, located near the Main Square – busy and loud during the week, and with biggest fuzz at the weekends. 

  • Włodkowica – the Street famous for its great number of artistic cafes with good music and unique atmosphere. That is a dreamed place to relax, meet your friends, try exotic cuisine and dive into cultural life. And then... paint the town red in Niepolda Arcade :)

  • Rynek (the Main Square) – full of typical discos and luxurious clubs. If you are out on a date, this it definitely the place. The most interesting restaurants and cafes are located there.

  • Pręgierz – starting point for every party in Wroclaw. Students and locals meet here every evening to start their night adventure.

Bus tickets

Beware: tickets are sold in every bus and tram, but only debit card payments are accepted. On most of the bus stops, there are ticket machines where you can pay with cash.
If you want to buy a ticket for the whole month or a semester, you need to get your own UrbanCard.
Beware: in order to use student’s discount for tickets, you have to get your Polish student card and encode the ticket in it (it works just like the UrbanCard).
You can also purchase the ticket online and encode it in every ticket machine. For more information, please visit: Urban Card

Prices of the tickets:
  • single ticket: reduced price: 1.5PLN, normal price: 3PLN

  • night ticket: 1.6 PLN, normal: 3.2 PLN

  • ticket valid for 30 minutes: reduced: 1.5PLN, normal: 3PLN (choose this option if you have to change the bus)

  • monthly ticket for 2 selected lines: reduced: 30 PLN, normal: 60 PLN

  • monthly ticket for all the lines: reduced: 45 PLN, normal: 90 PLN

Full ticket price list is available here: Prices of the tickets


How to get economical?
  • Monthly ticket for 2 selected lines is more than enough: you choose two trams and you can use all those which use the same route,

  • Get a 30-minute-ticket when you come back home in at night, 

  • Find an apartment in the city centre!


  • Student’s ‘milk bars’ are definitely the cheapest option – you can get your meal for even 5 PLN (around 1 EUR): The most popular ones are the following: Miś, Mewa, Jacek i Agatka, U Witka

  • You should also remember about pizza places, as they often offer discounts – even 10 PLN for a pizza. Check out: groupon.pl and discounts on pizzaportal.pl.


Unique cuisine:
  • Kozacka Chatka (Ukrainian cuisine)

  • Piec on Szewska Street (pizza just like in Italy)

  • KRVN (modern mix)

  • Butchery & Grill (meat, meat, meat)

  • Chopper Bar (Polish and Czech cuisine)

  • Amsterdam (Dutch fried potatoes)

  • Burgerlove (Burger place)

  • Bułka z masłem (extraordinary lunch place)

  • ​Droga Mleczna (healthy food)



Czech beer is very popular one in Wroclaw. Beer amateurs tend to spend their evenings 'pod nasypem' (under the railway embankment). This is an unique place - almost 1km length Bogusławskiego street full of pubs near Wroclaw’s Arcades. There, you can have a beer for as little as 4 PLN. And if you are lucky, you can even try one of the typical Czech starters: hermeliny and utopence.
The closer to the Main Square, the more expensive the booze gets. In the ‘party hub’ of the city, Pasaż Niepolda, they often offer happy hours and so the prices start form 5 PLN. Average price for a bottle of beer (Tyskie, Warka, Żywiec) in the city centre is app. 10 PLN.
You can also find a number of pubs offering unique beers: coming from small Polish breweries, and form different parts of the world, always special and delicious. Zakład Usług Piwnych (Beer Service Facility) is the most important point on the map of the best breweries in the world. There, they celebrate the premiere of every new beer with a bang! Their prices start form 7 PLN.
So now you know what to do… ;) Don't forget about our Ultimate Map of Wroclaw.



Author: Katarzyna Bugryn