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posted November 29, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Christmas atmosphere at the heart of Wroclaw

Christmas Market is already open for everyone to come and feel the Christmas spirit. Only here the mulled vine drunk from the 'already-traditional' mug has that magical taste. We are only waiting for the first snow to fall and change Wroclaw’s Rynek into the winter wonderland. And for sure, the Christmas dwarf, Prezentus [the ‘Gifter’] shall bring you luck, too. What else is there to find on the Market stands this year?
Christmas Market started on 18 November and till 22 December we are all invited to come for relax or presents for the loved ones. This is the city tradition: every year at the end of November everyone is awaiting the giant Christmas tree in Rynek and the opening of the Christmas Market stands. The Market is being associated mainly with the mulled vine drunk from the special Christmas mugs, which have become the symbol of the whole event. At ‘Smakowity Peron” [Delicious Station] the variety of Polish cuisine stars are served. You can try the real oscypki [special smoked goat cheese] with cranberry and set off for a culinary journey around the world. Baklava, roasted chestnuts, Hungarian paprika sausages and Italian olives - till Christmas we can taste them all.
With the full stomach and warmed by the vine it is much easier to pick Christmas presents, and the choice is wide. Form traditional, Polish, wooden and ceramic decorations, through the African jewelry, to the dream catchers from Peru - you can find anything your loved ones would like. At the Christmas Market you can find also the real, hand-pained baubles - Polish ones would make a great souvenir. Only traditional decorations make our Christmas trees look beautiful. Make sure to visit Wroclaw’s Rynek to choose something special for you and your family.
At the Christmas Market, there is a lot of attractions for the families with children.  The fairy house, where you can take a photo, is in the middle of the event. After a long walk, it is also a good idea to warm up next to the outside fireplaces - obligatory at the Christmas Market. And do not forget to touch three times the hat of Prezentus the Dwarf - it shall make all your dreams come true.
The Christmas Market is open from 10:00 to 21:00 at Rynek and on Swidnicka and Olawska streets.