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posted January 26, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Bilingual and international schools in Wroclaw

Need to choose a new school in Wroclaw? The offer is wide: bilingual and international non-public schools compete for new students. You can find a school your child will really like. Location, extracurricular activities and qualified staff are crucial to having great atmosphere in a really good school.
Being on a school hunt for your children after moving abroad is never easy. It’s always a good idea to choose the one your little students would truly love. Polish education system comprises of 6 years of primary school, 3 years of junior high school [or middle school], and 3 years of high school. In accordance to the new education regulations, it is obligatory to send a 6-year-old child to primary school. Wroclaw is full of bilingual schools which allow foreign children to learn and mix with Polish pupils, but there are also schools which are dedicated specifically to foreign students and whose curriculums are based on international education systems.  We would like to present some of them here.

American School of Wroclaw

Since 2014 American School of Wroclaw comprises not only a nursery and preschool, but also the primary school. It is located in Krzyki district, in the peaceful area of Przyjaźni Street, where children learn in great atmosphere. The teachers are native speakers with years of experience which guarantees high quality teaching. And what is also very important: ASW offers transport to school and back home. Thanks to this additional service, the location is no problem for parents who work in the city centre.  For more details, please visit: http://www.asw.org.pl/

British International School in Wroclaw

If you are looking for a school dedicated to foreigners, British International School of Wroclaw may be your hit. The mission of the school is to make it easier for children from different parts of the globe to get used to the new city. This is the place where pupils of different cultures and religions learn together. Their international education system facilitates getting used to the new conditions. The school is also located in Krzyki, on Akacjowa Street. All details and the price list is available here: http://www.bisc.wroclaw.pl/

Wroclaw International School

Wroclaw International School was established in 2002 especially for children from different countries and linguistic environments. It is the first IB World School. International team of teachers ensures high quality teaching and inspires the children to pursue knowledge. This school is associated with the Foundation of International Education which is located in Wroclaw’s city centre, at Zielińskiego Street. Their website is full of useful information for parents and students: http://fem.org.pl/new/en/wis.html

Atut, a bilingual primary school

In the heart of Wroclaw, on Zielińskiego Street, there is a non-public international school “Atut”. It is also associated with FIE. It’s a modern facility whose mission is to provide children with comprehensive education. This school definitely stands out due to its updated equipment and facilities, and ensuring optimal conditions for learning. Children learn in small groups, the list of extracurricular activities is very rich, and - what is the most important - the staff is qualified to work with children from all over the world - all these are the main advantages of the school. The school website is not translated, so in order to contact the school, you should turn to:

Foundation of International Education

Zielińskiego 38, 53-534 Wrocław
Phone: +48 71 782 26 25 (Monday - Friday: 7:30 to 15:30)
E-mail: atut@fem.org.pl

Pro Futuro

International School Pro Futuro aims at the development of children and teenagers. Their own, original curriculum is to support this mission. Among their pupils there are foreigners and Polish children who would like to learn in two languages. Apart from the qualified staff, the school offers also a wide range of extracurricular activities: swimming pool, fencing, piano lessons, the assistance of a speech therapist. Individual approach to every student, learning and development, and international environment are the major characteristics of that school. It is located on Toruńska Street, with good access to the city centre. For more information, please visit: http://www.szkolaprofuturo.pl/
And this is just the beginning - it is a good idea to learn more about the full offer of each school and pay a visit to meet the teachers and feel the atmosphere. The location is also an important factor, so choosing a school you can easily access is crucial.