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posted June 12, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Asia Wroclaw’s style

No plans for dinner? You are in a rush and want to grab something quickly, but  don’t really fancy a typical fast food. There is a great solution to that: bars with oriental cuisine. Chicken in coconut pastry or shrimp soup always sound good. Check out our selection of the best bars.
Asian cuisine does not always mean sushi in the vicinity of Rynek. It’s also a great idea for a quick and wallet-friendly dinner in small bars serving Chinese and Vietnamese food. Sometimes they present an unremarkable look of a market stall, but they offer real dainties. Most of them have quite a similar menu and prices. It’s a good place to pop up after work when you don’t have time to cook or just don’t feel like doing it.

What type of food do we find in an oriental bar?

Oriental bars are famous for the diversity of food they serve - everyone can find something they like, both vegetarians and meat-eaters. The latter have wide choice: from the chicken, through beef, to duck.  You can even find a five flavor pork knuckle and ribs in caramel. Seafood is also quite popular, so if you fancy an octopus, now you know where to find it. I am sure that the chicken in coconut pastry will catch your attention in each bar - it’s actually a very famous dish. Dishes served on iron platter (which for some reason is always in the shape of a cow) have been also making it big. Let’s take for example a finely chopped, tender beef in fresh ginger and veggies - where else would you find such a tidbit in such a reasonable price?

The cheapest ever!

Because good price is one of the most important characteristics of oriental bars - especially if you consider the size of the dish. The aforementioned beef is only PLN 18, but the portion should leave no starveling hungry. In Thai-Viet bar you can get a real bargain: three chicken fillets with veggies and rise or fries for... PLN 15. All bars serve their soups for about PLN 5-6, and the choice is really wide: shrimp soup, crab soup, Won-Ton. So in summary, you can have a two-course meal for app. PLN 20. Seafood is usually the most expensive, e.g. jumbo shrimps on an iron platter are about PLN 22.

Where can we find these goodies?

There is a number of popular bars in Wroclaw which really deserve a visit. The aforementioned Thai-Viet is one of them. It is located on Sztabowa Street no. 78A and it’s just a small bar with a few tables. The staff works like hell and the atmosphere is just very bar-like. This place attracts crowds of hungry people and often you just have to wait for a free table.
Mai Lan on Wincentego Street no. 45 is closer to the city centre. As for the venue itself - it’s probably the best in the city. This place has a group of loyal customers who have been coming here for ages and are always happy with what they get. Their menu doesn’t differ from what is served in other bars. It’s good to mention that Mai Lan is a chain, so you can also try their food on Hallera Street no. 41. That’s also an iconic place, although located in a small stall. Other locations: Armii Krajowej 41, Sucha 15B.
A Vietnamese bar, Dallat II, is located on Grabiszynska 66E. It has been developing for the last few years and is getting a lot of positive reviews. It’s a small bar, but with quite a number of tables. The prices are a bit higher, as it’s not a typical bar, but a dish full of meat is still about PLN 16-20. This is a great bar for the drivers, because is next to the bar there is a parking area.
These are just a few examples - which we have personally checked and recommend - of what you can find in Wroclaw. Oriental bars seem to be a nice alternative, if you like eating out. Especially that they never fail to deliver or let you go out hungry.