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posted July 23, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


The best time for housing hunt in Wroclaw

Do you want to change your housing to something cheaper or located closer to Rynek? Lucky you, because the best time for rental offers peruse is now. Holiday time means vast selection of offers in different prices, so you will find your perfect housing soon.
Sometimes you move into an apartment you really like, but after some time it appears that it isn’t as good as you thought. Your roommates drive you crazy, neighbors are noisy, and the landlord doesn’t act like that nice, sweet person he was before you had signed the tenancy contract. Or maybe you just want to live closer to the city centre? All that can happen. But there is quite an effective remedy to all your problems: moving out! If you are really considering moving out, you should make it happen at the time when you have the most choice. And that time is just about to begin.

Summer holidays in a new place

Starting with the end of June until the beginning of October, Wroclaw’s rental estate market undergoes a considerable revival. All due to students who change apartments just before the holidays start. So at the beginning of July landlords start to pursue new tenants more actively. At that time many apartments are available in lower prices, and the number of rental properties doubles. This is the best time to find a studio apartment (usually a scarce product on the market) in economic price - start looking right now and you may actually find an independent housing in good location for no more than PLN 1500. The widest choice is usually in July and August - the best offers disappear as quick as a flash, so prepare for a real bargain hunt or turn to a Real Estate Agency which can hunt for you.

How about Wroclaw for holidays?

Summer season on a housing market also offers the opportunity of a short-time rent. There are plenty of rental offers for the period of 3 months, when the students go back to their hometowns, but plan to move back in October. You may also encounter a really attractive offers for 1-month-long rent. That’s a great solution for people who are looking for cheap accommodation in Wroclaw and plan to visit the city with a group of friends.

Be smart about it

If you are seriously considering apartment change, you should file an official rent termination notice within the timeframe provided by your tenancy contract. Landlords often start looking for new tenants immediately or at the beginning of the month, so it’s good to start your hunt as soon as you know the exact date of moving. July, August and September are the months when finding a better housing shouldn’t take much of your time. If you pursue a new location actively, a week is usually more than enough time.  The same happens to landlords: they should have no problems with finding a new tenant for your place. So be smart about it in order to make it easy for yourself and your landlord.