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posted September 25, 2017 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Discover Wrocław – what is really worth visiting in your new city?

Moving to Wroclaw is a great opportunity to get to know Lower Silesia. The capital of the region has a long history reflected in its architecture. Apart from visiting the historical centre of the city, it is a great idea to rest close to nature - Wroclaw’s parks are perfect for relax. Discover more about your new city. Here are the 5 places you have to see as soon as you arrive.

If you are just at the beginning of your adventure in Wroclaw, here is a handful of advice what to visit in the first days of your stay. Rynk [The Main Square] and Ostrów Tumski will surely make you fall in love in the capital of the Lower Silesia. If you are in Wroclaw just for a weekend, here are some recommendations of places to take a nice walk at.

  1. Rynek

The centre and the heart of Wroclaw - Rynek is obviously the most important place, which we are sure you have on your list. The beautiful city hall connects the gothic and renaissance styles. It used to the the official home of the city authorities, but today the building hosts the Museum of Bourgeois Art. In front of the city hall, there is a real whipping post from the middle-age era, an exact copy of this historical monument used to punish the offenders. The city hall building is surrounded by colorful tenement houses, where you can stay if you wish. The owners often rent them for short or long-term stays. This is a great opportunity to live in the most beautiful, historical buildings of Wroclaw. Nereby, there is the ‘second square’ - Plac Solny [the Salt Square], where you can buy flowers at every time of day or night. The bourgeois tenement houses attract attention, too. The real pearl is a baroque building, currently under renovation, the Oppenheim House.

  1. Ostrów Tumski

You must see the oldest part of the city - Ostrów Tumski. It was the seat of the early Piast dynasty, established in the 10th century. Walking the historical brick roads, you can really feel like going back in time. The St. Giles’ Church is the oldest building there - it comes from the 13th century. At the Odra river bank, you will get to the St. John the Baptist Cathedral, rebuilt after the 2nd World War. You can reach Ostrów on foot from Rynek, and Wyspa Słodowa [Slodova Island] in close vicinity is perfect for relaxation on a sunny day. This is the most desired residential area of the city, which should not be a surprise: close proximity to Rynek, most Wroclaw’s historical monuments and the seats of many multinationals attracts a lot of people.

  1. The Racławice Panorama

Another important point of the trip around Wroclaw is the Raclawice Panorama. It is an enormous painting by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak, which represents the Raclawice battle from 1794. The painting was installed in a special rotunda, so that the visitors can admire all the details while walking around. You feel like you have just found yourself in the middle of the battle due to special effects and optical illusions. And it is only a short walk away from Ostrów Tumski.

  1.  Szczytnicki Park and Pergola

Wroclaw is famous for its parks - each zone of the city has its own green areas, where you can relax, play sports or spend time with the family. Ostrów Tumski is close to the largest one - the Szczytnicki Park. It was established in 18th century as a private garden, and now we find there not only beautiful flowers and old trees, but also many interesting architectonic monuments e.g., a wooden church from the 15th century. Walking through this part, you will get to the Japanese Garden, which is amazing in every season of the year. The whole park itself is a historical monument, and right next to it, there is the Pergola -  green area for people to relax on sunny days. The multimedia fountain is also a real attraction, when is adds the colorful lights to the musical background. This part of the city offers accommodation in close proximity to nature, in peaceful neighborhoods.

  1. The District of the Four Temples

When you are in the Old Town, and you have already visited Rynek, make sure to find the District of the Four Temples. On Kazimierza Wielkiego, św. Antoniego, Włodkowica and św. Mikołaja streets, there are the churches of four religions, hence the name of this area. A walk among the cultural monuments will be even more pleasurable if you decide to stop at one of its many restaurants - which this district is famous for. Local cuisine, healthy and modern food, a bit of something exotic - everything you can think of is there. Coffee from Wroclaw’s roasteries will surely keep you warm in a cool weather, and craft beer tastes best during the evening relaxation time.
These are just five ‘must see’ recommendation - perfect for the beginning. Visit the places and start your adventure in the new city. If Wroclaw is not new for you, use our advices and plan your own trip around the most beautiful places in the city.