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posted September 2, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Theatrical plays in English language

Even if you are not a fluent Polish speaker yet, Wroclaw offers you an opportunity to see selected plays in English language. Here are some tips about where to find them.

Finding a play staged in English is not easy. If you like theatre, you probably already know that most plays are in Polish language. And in this case (for now, right?) the language is an obstacle. Here are some tips about where to see a play in English without leaving Wroclaw.

Theatre on the big screen

The easiest way to keep regular contact with the finest of the arts in English is to benefit from the collaboration of British Council and Multikino. All plays presented during their cycle are screened in English with Polish subtitles, and the viewer can go back in time to the legendary Shakespearian Globe. All transmissions are live. Interested? The tickets are available at the cinema’s ticket office. That’s a great opportunity to dive, even for a moment, in the atmosphere of the best theatres and enjoy world’s highest art.

Where do they play in English?

Teatr Polski [Polish Theatre] and Teatr Współczesny [Theatre of Modern Art] also stage plays in English every once in a while, but it does not happen often. Hence, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the repertoire of the most popular theatres in Wroclaw to search for English-language plays. Due to the fact that Wroclaw was recently named an European Capital of Culture, special shows of movies and plays in English language or with English subtitles will be held here - but for that we shall wait patiently. 

Search creatively           

You may often see a theatrical play in a place you would never expect it to. There continuously appear new initiatives and events: plays organized by language schools, students, and graduates of Wroclaw’s universities.  Look for the information online - mostly on Facebook - and you will always keep up to date with Wroclaw’s cultural life.
And continue learning Polish language. Maybe seeing a theatrical play in Polish is a good way to practice the language of the country you leave in? Combine business with pleasure and the effects will be better than expected. Good luck!