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posted July 26, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


​T-mobile New Horizons - a holiday film festival

The traditional film festival is about so start soon! The movies of Pedro Almodovar and Ken Loach, even the opera inspired by David Lynch, as well as many more film productions are shown in Wroclaw from 21 to 31 July. Over 200 feature films.
This is the 16th International Film Festival New Horizons in Wroclaw. Every year, at the end of July, Wroclaw transforms into the capital of unique film productions, and the city becomes even more international. Film lovers have a chance to see alternative cinema, which surprises with its fresh perspectives. There will also be productions awarded during the most important festivals, like Cannes. The fans of Pedro Almodovar will be able to see the long-awaited “Julieta” - a movie which opens the whole Festival. And the guests: the Festival hosts such stars as Ken Loach and Cristian Mungiu.
If you are not a connoisseur of the film arts, it is not a problem. The Festival really broadens horizons. Thanks to the productions from all around the world we all have a change to get familiar with the cinema which is not available in any other place. Ambitious films, showing moving stories and the game of covenants - that’s the most distinguishing characteristics of the event. Apart from the movie displays, we can also participate in the reviews of the cerative works of selected directors - which is a perfect solution for the cinema freaks and those who just start their adventure with good cinema.
The carnets for the Festival are already sold out, but entry tickets are still avaiable. We can start buying them from 13 July. The prices start from PLN 10 per production of the cinema masters. The tickets for the events taking place in Narodowe Forum Muzyki [National Forum of Music] cost PLN 30-50. Remember also that from 22 to 31 July you can participate in free film shows on the Main Square. The participants of the event can also attend festival concerts, apart from the movie shows. There will be, for example, an American Trio performing the Twin Peaks music. One more unique event is the opera based on the “Lost Highway” by David Lynch.
For more information about the T-mobile New Horizons Festival, click here:  http://www.nowehoryzonty.pl/index.do?lang=en