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posted December 17, 2015 in category Discovering Wroclaw


​Gifts like no others - you can find them in Poland

Christmas is fast approaching which means that the gift-giving time is also coming soon. You can make sure to place only unique, Polish surprises under your Christmas Tree. We are here to give you some tips on what will surely make an amazing present from the country at the Vistula river.
If you go back home for Christmas, you may want to prepare some unique gifts that bring Poland to mind for your loved ones. And if you stay in Wroclaw - it’s yet another reason to make sure that the atmosphere is special. Thanks to the original gifts you can bring a lot of joy and happiness to your family and fiends, and share some fun facts about Poland.

Ceramics from Boleslawiec

Our national pride and joy is... porcelain. The one made in Boleslawiec is the real symbol and has a lot of devoted fans. No wonder - it has been produced since 14th century. We are sure you are familiar with the blue and white patterns on tea-cups, cups and teapots. The tea tastes delicious in that porcelain. In Wroclaw at Sienkiewicza 10 you will find a shop full of that ceramics. And if you prefer on-line shopping, visit this website: https://www.e-manufaktura.com/en_US/index. And remember that giving someone a cup means sharing warmth with them. That’s an ideal gift for the wintertime.

Art from Wroclaw

Continuing the artistic theme, it is always a good idea to visit Jatki. Galleries BB and M will enable you to put together surprises for the lovers of the high-quality design. Glass decorations, ceramic home accessories, original posters - the choice is really wide and it is easy to find the perfect gift for everyone. And because all pieces were created by Polish artists, you can be sure that whatever you buy is one of a kind. Check out this website: http://tykwa.com/eng/ Jatki is not the only place filled with art - we would also recommend taking a walk along Nadodrze. There is plenty of small galleries there, full of interesting stories and people who are willing to share their knowledge about each little piece.

The sweet taste of Poland

If you love chocolate or plan to make a sweet present for a loved one, you have to visit one of the E. Wedel’s shops. In Arkady, Magnolia and Pasaz Grunwaldzki, you can find shops of that famous brand where, apart from the chocolate beverages, they sell also delicious and beautiful pralines. The truth is that each chocolate already looks like a present. For Polish people, Wedel brings to mind other types of sweets: there are fans of Torcik Wedlowski cake and Ptasie Mleczko (kind of Chocolate Covered Marshmallows) or their classic Chocolate Boxes. Try them and share with whoever you want.

Something for the connoisseurs

Alcohol as a gift? Why not? Especially if we are thinking about unique beer. Polish craft beers are currently at the top, so if your brother, uncle, dad or mum are funs of the beer tastes, you have no choice but to hide a bottle of the golden liquid under the Christmas Tree. Specialty beers are available in pubs: Zaklad Uslug Piwnych or Szynkarnia, or in special shops such as Beer O’clock at Sw. Antoniego 27/29 or Piwnica at Zaporowskiej 39. Look for the gift sets: with special glasses and beers brewed for Christmas.
Wide variety of Christmas presents is also to be found at the Christmas Market. They sell the flag products of Wroclaw such as a souvenir Christmas cups for mulled wine and Polish traditional foods which can add some diversity to your Christmas Dinner.  And one of the most beautiful baubles are made in Poland - they will be available on many Market stands also this year. Choose your special presents and get ready for the Merry Christmas Time.