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posted March 2, 2017 in category Living in Wroclaw


Wroclaw’s Bazar Smakoszy – the most delicious day of the week

Every Sunday in Browar Mieszczanski - Wroclaw’s brewery an extraordinary festival of flavors takes place. Once a week, you can do the shopping comprising all healthy, original, regional or exotic products. Natural breads, vegetarian dishes, deliciously smelling meats and healthy cakes - all this is to be found at Wroclaw Bazar Smakoszy [Gourmets Bazaar].
The fans of good food have been meeting every Sunday for a few years now in the old brewery Browar Mieszczanski. You can go there for a Sunday breakfast, and then plan some shopping and fill your refrigerator with the products you couldn't buy anywhere else. Wroclaw Bazar Szmakoszy attracts exhibitors who offer healthy and natural foods. Local citizens choose to come here to buy sausages produced without any preservatives, breads baked on natural sourdough or gluten-free. If you want to try of Polish Koryciński or Lomnicki cheese or some other dairy products from small farms, and also have a conversation with their producers, this is the place to go. The stands also sell  seasonal fruits and vegetables from small farms - you can even order them earlier and only pick them up during the Sunday shopping.
Wroclaw’s Bazar Smakoszy is so much more than a just a market. It's one of those places that you must visit in Wroclaw. The idea is to provide the city residents with healthy, organic food, so that they have an alternative to packaged food from regular shops. Cooking fans will find something special to improve their culinary specialties, as well as the long-sought seasoning. You can buy there organic meat, which is so difficult to find in regular stores. Bazaar also allows to gain new knowledge about healthy diet, and to discover new flavors. Every week you can taste dishes prepared by culinary bloggers, chefs of Wroclaw restaurants, and dishes served by the most popular food trucks.
Wroclaw’s Bazar Smakoszy takes place every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Hubska street no. 44, Browar Mieszczański Wrocław.