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posted October 30, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


International meetings in Wroclaw

Where, in Wroclaw, can you go to talk with other people in English? There are places where you hear Spanish, Hungarian, French and many other languages - you find yourself on the very top of the Tower of Babel. And in addition to that, you can learn more about Polish culture and get to know new friends form all over the world.
The fact that you study or work in a foreign country does not make you a stranger. Especially, if you study or work in Wroclaw. People who are in the very same situation will make you feel like at home. You can have a conversation in your mother tongue, learn new languages or practice your English. Thanks to the meetings organized especially for foreigners, you can find new friends and break the ice in the city you are just discovering.

Tower of Babel

This is the most popular cycle of meetings which has been organized for two years now. Once a week, a group of people meets in the same place to relax, make new acquaintances and chat in a stress-free atmosphere. Each Thursday at 7 p.m. in a local club, Bunkier 42, you can speak in your mother tongue and meet other ‘new locals’ form your country. This is also the place where you can get in touch with other people who come to Wroclaw form all over the world and don’t worry about whether your English is correct and fluent enough. There is no other place like that, where in such a small area you can hear so many different languages. For more information, you can visit Tower of Babel fanpage.

Polish Cinema for Beginners

A very different event, with the very same result. Old, good Polish cinema is yet another occasion for meetings and great conversations, not only about the movies. It is worth mentioning that Polish movies form 20th century are really fascinating, and can really surprise with the quality of acting and screenplays. This event gives a unique opportunity to learn more about Polish cinematography and meet its European amateurs. The movies are screened with English subtitles.
To check which movie is next to be screened, please visit the page. The meetings take place on Thursdays in Kino Nowe Horyzonty. Ticket prices are: PLN 16 for a single ticket, PLN 13 for a reduced-price ticket for students.

Internations Wrocław

Internet has no limits and this is the environment of Wroclaw’s community of foreigners. Even before you come to the city, it is still worth to peruse this website: Internations Wroclaw. Internations prove that Wroclaw is a truly international city and that  foreigners come here not only to study. Members of this community come from all over the world and include business people, diplomats, members of NGO, and students. Often they organize a general meeting of Internations, but as there are more smaller groups organized around diverse topics, their meetings are more frequent.  This is a place where you can meet new people, but also make a career move, and ask for advice resourceful people who already know Wroclaw very well.

Stand-up's in English

It is also worth to mention, that there are two places: Niebo and Mleczarnia where stand-ups hosting foreign comedians are often organized. This may be another occasion for international meetings in Wroclaw’s city centre. And, obviously, there are more and more new groups on Facebook which bring together foreigners who have decided to spend some time in the Lower Silesia.

Do you know any other place where you can go and chat in different languages? Share it with us in the comments.

Author: Michal Hajdasz