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Renting before moving more and more popular

quel est le meilleur site de rencontre gratuit 2013 You are moving to Wroclaw and looking for accommodation. Instead of planning the housing search for after the arrival, come straight to your new place. The number of remote transactions is increasing. You can choose the perfect apartment and sign the rent agreement remotely. Here is how it works.

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Only one place like that in Poland: Wroclaw’s Botanic Garden

live trading account auto binary ea Spring - it does not only wake up nature, but also the citizens of Wroclaw. It is finally the time to take a long walk after the lazy winter! If you do not know yet where to go, we would happily give you a hint. The Botanic Garden is perfect for a weekend trip.  

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How to change housing quickly?

christian dating in san antonio Are you thinking about moving? Do you want to change location or just move in to a larger room? Wroclaw has plenty of offers - try to find an ideal one. Find out how to prepare to changing housing.


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 4] Great shopping: IKEA, TESCO, Malls and much more!

Stock market brokers in kerala You just came over to Wroclaw, rented the nice flat, but wait... something is missing there! Maybe you miss a desk, a decent kitchen knife or hangings have awful color. In order to turn a rented apartment into a home, create pleasant atmosphere, and enjoy your stay there - you have to read ...


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 2] Get your head around the city - the map

What is the best place to live in Wroclaw? This is the first question which appears just before we start looking for an apartment. It is always convenient to live in the vicinity of... of what exactly: your workplace, the Main Square, university, pubs? Each of the Wroclaw’s districts has its advantages ...

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Where in Wroclaw should we order food delivery from?

Hard day, rainy weekend or just an empty fridge - hunger knows no mercy. And this is when ordering food delivery is especially powerful. Not only pizza, but also pierogi and sushi from Wroclaw's restaurants or even fresh, delicious coffee may appear on your table when you order online.

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By the rivers of Wrocław

Have you ever wondered how Wroclaw would look like without its rivers? Neither did we. Don’t be a landlubber and set off with us to an unforgettable cruise, and see Wroclaw from a different, new perspective. Ahoy!

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World’s Cuisines: Georgia

Word’s cuisines is the cycle of articles thanks to which you will learn about the most characteristic dishes of particular countries. But that’s not all. We will advise you on where to find restaurants in Wroclaw where you can try all that dainties

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Family weekend in Wroclaw

How to plan a Saturday in the city if you want to relax and entertain yourself and the kids at the same time? Just as the weather gets warm and sunny, Wroclaw becomes full of new, family-oriented facilities and attractions. There are also places where you can spend your free time outside, close to nature ...

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Where to find the best ice cream in Wrocław?

The weather is beautiful and the warm front is here to stay. It’s the time of ice cream and ice desserts in unlimited quantity. Make your own ice cream

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Living in Wroclaw: from Popowice everything is at your fingertips

Search for a housing should be based on your specific needs. So if you are looking for a room or a whole flat with easy access to the city centre, and which is not located in the far-away suburbs, Popowice is your district.

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5 things which will surprise you in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is truly astonishing, and not only because of its architecture. All the information you can find in guidebooks are just a lead-in - this city is something you have to discover. Each day brings something new - even if it's beer. Check out our sentimental list with a surprise. 

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Know the most powerful Polish magic :)

You can tell who your prince charming is - this is what St Andrew’s Party [pl. “andrzejki’] is for. And gentlemen can have a peak into their future on St Katherine’s Eve. We celebrate the most popular Name’s Day of the year in November.

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Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 14] Africa in the middle of Wroclaw

Wroclaw is full of attractions, so sometimes it is difficult to plan the weekend because of the number of options. And yet another one is about to open. Did you know that the biggest aquarium in Europe is located in Wroclaw?

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Food is rolling :)

Who said that you have to eat out in a restaurant all the time? Summer is here, so why not to try something different? Here is our review on delicious food on wheels!

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Win free beers! - Good Beer Festival is comming soon!

Good Beer Festival is a great celebration of beer fans. Every year, it attracts more and more foreigners. This is the event you cannot miss! On the occasion of the Festival, we have organized a competition for all our friends - you can win beer vouchers and unique Festival glasses! Want to win? Find ...

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On uniting qualities of good beer

Is it possible for good beer to become the trademark of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia? Why has our region got the most variegated, global-level quality cuisine? And how did a local feast change into one of the biggest beer festivals in Europe? Elżbieta Lenczyk, head of Centrum Kultury Zamek - the promoter ...