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posted May 28, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Where to find the best ice cream in Wrocław?

The weather is beautiful and the warm front is here to stay. It’s the time of ice cream and ice desserts in unlimited quantity.
Make your own ice cream

Making ice cream may be quite challenging for all home cooks.  They comprise milk, cream, eggs, and other ingredients, depending on a flavor. But the preparation of homemade ice cream may be also easy. You just need the ingredients, a blender and a cooler. With just a hint of imagination you can create brand new flavors and than agree on the fact that these are the best ice cream you’ve ever tired.

Ice cream types

Not everyone knows that there are 5 types of ice cream: milk ices, ice cream, fruit ices, cassata, and sorbets. Milk ices and ice cream differ with the amount of cream used for their production. Fruit ices are made of a watery carbohydrate solution and fruit. Cassata are always handmade, and comprise a mix of 3 types of ices (milk, cream, and fruit ones) with some whipped cream. Sorbets are a type of puree (the so-called fondant) made of cooked fruit juice with sugar. And, sorbets are actually the most caloric!

Where to find the best ice cream?

New ice cream shops and parlors open every year. There are more and more places where they serve natural ice cream - with no preservatives and taste improvers. Such an ice cream shop, Polish Lody, opened by two young Wroclaw citizens, is very successful.
Polish Lody (Plac Bema 1/3B)
Legends are told about the line to this ice cream shop. They serve natural ice cream in 5 flavors. There are 3 regular flavors: cream, chocolate and strawberry, and two additional ones which change every day. These are not only tasty, but also natural. But what else can you say after waisting 2 hours of your day in a line?

Tralalala Cafe (Więzienna 21)

This shop is located in Galeria Italiana. And they offer about... 90 different flavors! They produce their ice cream on the site, and you can observe the production process through a glass wall. The interior is very pleasant, with air conditioning and lots of space to sit down and enjoy their amazing products.
Lodziarnia Roma (Rydygiera 5)
This is an ice cream shop with history. They have been producing their ice cream there since 1946 and in accordance with a secret recipe. You can choose from app. 20 different flavors very day. But strawberry and lemon ice cream and the most popular ones - if you ask for these flavors you’ll get an additional scoop of each for free. And this is the place where you can try even the... beer flavor!
Ice Cream Shop at Cybulskiego Street
Another one with history. It has been open since 1968 and attracts customers with their 12 flavors. And they also have a special offer for strawberry and lemon ice cream (you get 2 scoops in the price of one).

Ice Cream Shop at Wita Stwosza Street

They serve Italian style ice cream in two flavors: coco and cream. But they are famous for their icing made of natural strawberries - in the summer of fresh fruit, of course. This is just a modest stall, very easy to miss, but they offer really good ices.

Cafe Borówka (Świdnicka 38A)

An ice cream shop, a patisserie, and a coffee roaster. Their terrace at the rooftop of the building full of tables with parasols is a great advantage.  You can try really good ice cream accompanied with great coffee, which you can also take to go. Apart from scooped ice cream, their offer ice cream compositions in a bowl, and iced desserts.

Amorinio Ice Cream and Grand Cafe (Wita Stwosza 1-2)

This shop is located at the corner of Kuźnicza and Wita Stwosza and was launched two years ago. Their offer comprises app. 300 different flavors! Each day you can try about 30 of them. As the flavors are served in rotation - each day is a new flavor. Amorinio stands out from the other ice cream shops because of its location - in the city centre, Rynek, its comfortable sofas, and garden outside. What is more, they often serve interesting favors such as acai berries or linseed.